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Trump fails to take a stand for Biblical history facing destruction by the Saudi regime

Evangelical Protestants are among the most reliable parts of President Trump’s base of support, a fact that seems a bit surprising given Trump’s checkered past on abortion rights and his multiple marriages and infidelities. But a new report from The Gateway Pundit might cast an even greater pall over that evangelical support.

For Bible-believers, Mt. Sinai is a holy place. It’s where Moses received the tablets with the Ten Commandments from God. Now, Mt. Sinai faces an existential threat: the Saudi regime is planning to bulldoze the mountain as part of its construction of a mega city bigger than New York City.

President Trump has been unabashed in his support for Saudi Arabia, even in light of human rights abuses in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashooghi and the war in Yemen which has led to tens of thousands of children dying from starvation.

For President Trump, arms deals with American companies like Boeing and Raytheon seem to be worth more than any stand for human rights or protection of irreplaceable sites of Biblical history.

The question is: Will Christians pressure him into stepping away from Saudi Arabia?

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