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The Name Ocasio-Cortez Is One Of Conquest And European Privilege

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez burst upon the American scene as a poor, down-trodden, Hispanic minority child who would take advantage of her minority, mistreated status to set things right in this white-privileged and unjust nation of America. But the truth of the matter is that the ancestral name Cortez is one of great European privilege and represents the murder, rape, colonization and enslavement in much of ancient North America, Central America, South America, Cuba and other of the Caribbean Islands, that were conquered and laid to waste by the privileged Europeans that invaded those pristine environments.

When the European Conquistadors (the word means “those who conquer“) invaded the new world in search of plunder in the form of gold and spices, their massive sailing vessels and their well equipped armies of soldiers decked out in chain-mail suits of armor, allowed them to easily dominate and subjugate the indigenous peoples of the target areas they invaded.

The Cortez ancestral family name is prominent among those European names that killed innocent Indian tribes because they wanted their valuables, and they wanted Indian land on which to build splendid mansions from which to rule for centuries. One might notice that the European name of Cortez is constructed quite differently from the original Indian names of Huauchinango and Coatzacoalcos, that are to be found in parts of Mexico, and is representative of the harsh takeover of those non-threatening indigenous peoples living peacefully prior to the rapacious Cortez ancestors, and their ruthless, militaristic tactics.

To this day, the name Cortez can be found at the top of the social listings of Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and other nations who have not allowed the poor Indian tribes to share in the wealth that the Europeans stole from them. And one may notice that the Cortez ancestral family likely introduced Socialism and Communism to many of the former tribal-run nations (Venezuela and Cuba come to mind), and we can see that the European Cortez family profited enormously from the government controls in those nations that subjugated the indigenous peoples living there and kept them in poverty, similar to the political plans for Socialism/Communism that AOC offers America today.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes with much ancestral family baggage that the American left would prefer to keep hidden. Despite her pretense of coming from a simple, lower-class up-raising, we know that her family in New York was wealthy and gave her an education at a fancy northeastern college that was superior to what most American kids named Smith and Jones can afford to attend.

The colonization of the New World that the Cortez’s of old accomplished with their manufactured, engineered weapons and galleons of ships, resembles the glorious and enthusiastic burst of energy that Ms. Cortez displayed when she took over the long-held New York, Democrat House seat and began trying to remake America as though it were an old Oaxaca tribe that was ripe for the taking. But many Americans are not going to roll over for her attempted colonization of this great nation to the Democrat cause of Socialism, higher taxes, fewer liberties and the destruction of our constitution.

Everything about Ms. Cortez screams of privilege. Her first name of Alexandra is found frequently in the Imperial, ruling families of Russia and Europe, and the Ocasio-Cortez part of her name is a blending of two powerful European Conquistador names that shared the wealth of the Indian tribes from whom property was stolen. In fact it would not be surprising if one learned that the old European-Privilege name of Castro (as in Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro) were not allied with a Cortez at the top of the ruling families of Cuba; and how far from the Venezuelan Socialist dictators of old, with names like Chavez, Gomez, Perez and the current Maduro, can the Cortez family be, given their proclivity for ruling over poor people who cannot oppose their European privilege and be allowed to live freely.

It would seem, to a thinking person, that Ms. Cortez has much privilege to explain away as she parades around like a poverty-stricken waif who is just trying to make Americans pay for the privilege she says they took from other peoples, when the history of her own, ancient family name is replete with events she might like to apologize for.

And finally, as an up-to-date note concerning the destruction done by old colonial rulers like the Ocasio and Cortez families, the poor native populations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as the usual Mexican suspects, are all swarming to America to escape the personal and national tragedies that old Imperial, European families, with their Socialism and anti-Capitalist propaganda, have forced on the impoverished peoples of Central America. One could conclude from the evidence of the caravans heading north to America, that the Central Americans are speaking with their feet and would prefer the American, Capitalistic privilege that offers them work and a decent life, to the Ocasio-Cortez promise to make Socialists of them and keep them poor, hungry and subjects of the big-government state that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now offering Americans with her Venezuelan/Cuban schemes of socialistic ruling.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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