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The Border Crisis is Not A Manufactured Crisis

the invasionofamerica
Leftist loons like Pelosi, Schumer, MSNBC and CNN pundits and late-night hosts all are trying to say the current immigration crisis is manufactured and not a crisis when just a few years ago in 2014 they all said it was a crisis and Hilary, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. all called for a wall and asked Congress for 58 billion for a wall. Today they oppose a wall and call it immoral just because Trump is president.

A wall will set up a solid barrier between Mexico and the United States, which will make entry much more difficult. Other countries have walls, including Israel, and they are proven to work. In the case of Israel, they have a much more direct threat on the other side of their borders. Palestinian terrorists are constantly trying to attack Israel simply for existing. But, in part due to their wall, terrorists are largely unsuccessful.

Despite it being clear that walls work, Democrats are working overtime to prevent Trump from winning on this issue. It is his top issue, so if he is successful, it will be the biggest win in his presidency. Democrats will have a hard time defeating him come 2020 if he is able to achieve his biggest promise.

So even with the government shut down, Democrats are not giving in to President Trump. On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made that clear.

The Wednesday meeting was announced during Trump’s national address the day before and was meant to be a productive meeting where an end to the shutdown can be worked out. But Pelosi immediately made it clear she wasn’t interested in making any deal. She told the President that she will not allow the border wall to be funded, even if an agreement to open the government is made.


This coming from the woman who when sworn in said they would work on a bipartisan level. I guess that went out the window on day 1.

As Sarah Sanders recently said clarifying her remarks about how many terrorists were entering our country, “ But the bottom line is, whether it is one, whether it is four, whether it is 14 or 4,000 — one terrorist coming into our country in an illegal fashion to do us harm is one too many.”

Meanwhile, many Americans believe there is a crisis on the Southwest border, according to a survey published by Morning Consult on Jan. 8. The vast majority, regardless of party affiliation, said there is either a crisis or a problem on the border.

Americans are still split on whether a border wall is a good idea. While 44 percent support building a wall on the Southwestern border, 47 percent oppose the idea.

In their public messaging, Democrats seize the image of the wall to appeal to Americans. Republicans continue to point out that the impasse is over a border security package, which includes funds for wall construction alongside funding for more border patrol agents, immigration judges, and screening technology for ports of entry.

As the debate over funding for the border wall continues to mount, Americans are weighing in with their thoughts on the wall and getting it funded. However, in a surprising and ironic turn, CNN’s Jim Acosta actually made the case that walls do, in fact, work, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

On Thursday, Acosta went to McAllen, Texas in order to visit the border between the United States and Mexico. During his time in the area, Acosta filmed himself walking and talking about his thoughts on currently existing barriers and the lack of invaders.

Acosta said in a video for CNN.

“We’re not seeing any imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to rush toward this fence. No sign of the national emergency the president has been talking about.”


Why Jim, did you not interview those border patrol officers like Trump and Sean Hannity did when they were there.. I’m sure they can tell you a few things about what happens where there is no wall. I don’t see CNN or Jim Acosta doing any night watch there.

Walls do work Jim. The Berlin wall was effective because the East Germans were told to shoot anyone trying to escape. We cannot do that. A solid concrete wall is no good because you cannot see what is on the other side, so the steel slates is more logical, this is also with sensors, barbed wire and cameras, drones and armed guards to respond to any attempt, Pelosi and Schumer both wanted a wall but of course that was when a Democrat was in the White House and they were in the majority and that meant they were not going to do anything. Only President Trump is willing to take the heat to protect the American people. The Democrats are all talk and no action to protect AMERICANS only illegals which they want for votes which is why the DEMOCRATS are to blame for the shutdown. Harry Truman once famously said “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”, the Democrats today always passed the buck because they are cowards but President TRUMP stands up for America and acts as a President would to protect this country, the Democrats sell this country out for votes every chance they get. That is the difference between a President and a bunch of cowards that are unamerican and cowardly.

I wonder if Pelosi and Schumer can look the families of the ones who lost loved ones to illegals in the eye and say it is a manufactured crisis. These are families who have been uprooted because lives have been taken from them. The latest statistics from the Dept. of Homeland Security tells a frightening story you won’t hear on the regular media outlets:

We lose 300 Americans every week due to heroin that comes from over the southern border.

From 2017-2018 100,000 illegals were arrested for assault.

300,000  for sex crimes.

4000 for homicides.

Last year 800 gang members were arrested.

17,000 illegals with criminal records were arrested.

Last month 20,000 children were smuggled in here.

1 in 3 migrant women were sexually assaulted leaving northbound on the southern border

7 in 10 migrants are reported victims of violence along the way.


In 2014 The Washington Post ran a headline that said, “White House requests 3.7 billion in emergency funds for border crisis.”

The media all called it a “humanitarian crisis when Obama was president, but today. Pelosi, Schumer and all the MSNBC, CNN pundits and Hollywood late-night hosts all say it’s a manufactured crisis as they stay inside their walled up gated communities and mansions.

Watch Conservative comedian singer Ray Stevens do his take on illegal immigration that is unfortunately all too true.


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