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The Border Crisis is Not A Manufactured Crisis

Leftist loons like Pelosi, Schumer, MSNBC and CNN pundits and late-night hosts all are trying to say the current immigration crisis is manufactured and not a crisis when just a few years ago in 2014 they all said it was a crisis and Hilary, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. all called for a wall and asked Congress for 58 billion for ...

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CNN Reports A Grisly Scene Near The Border Hours After Jim Acosta Took A Selfie Video Boasting Of Tranquility

Mexican authorities discovered five abandoned vehicles and at least 20 bodies at a rural location 56 miles west of McAllen, Texas, Wednesday, CNN reported. News of the discovery came just hours after CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported on the area’s apparent safety and tranquility. “We’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to ...

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Trump Cancels Trip To Switzerland Citing Border Security Battle

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will be canceling his scheduled appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, citing the importance of national security amid the partisan battle on border security. “Because of the Democrats intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation, I am respectfully cancelling my very important trip to ...

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Immoral High Ground – A.F. Branco Cartoon

Pelosi and Schumer could care less for the lives lost due to the crisis at our border. It all about ruining Trump’s 2020 reelection chances. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019. See more Branco toons HERE Get his latest book, “Make America Laugh Again: Vol. 2 HERE

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Former Bill Clinton Press Secretary Says The Threat Of Terrorism At The Border Is A ‘Fantasy’ Despite DHS Report To The Contrary

Former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart claimed the threat of terrorism at the U.S. southern border is just a “fantasy” on CNN’s “New Day” Monday. “Just take one step back. If you’re a terrorist, do you want to come through a border that has thousands of border control guards, that has now 15,000 or so troops there?” Lockhart said. “You’re ...

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Shutdown Talks Will Continue Throughout The Weekend

Talks to end the partial government shutdown will continue throughout the weekend, including a working group headed by Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump said at a press conference in the White House Rose Garden Friday. Aide-level talks will take place over the weekend as the partial government shutdown hits its two-week anniversary. Congress helped trigger the shutdown after a short-term ...

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Letter from President Trump to Congress on Border Security [Full Text]

President Donald Trump sent a letter to Congress Friday morning in which he described the need to secure the nation’s borders. Dear Members of Congress: Congratulations to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her entire team, on her election to be Speaker of the House.  I look forward to working together on our shared priorities for the American People, including rebuilding our ...

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New Bill Introduced to Allow Direct Citizen Funding of Border Walls

Congressman Warren Davis (R-OH 8) announced Thursday that a new bill was introduced in the House to allow private citizens to directly fund the construction and maintenance of border barriers. “‘Buy a Brick, Build the Wall Act’ is newly introduced as HR32,” Davidson posted on Twitter. “It directs @USTreasury to establish a fund allowing private contributions to fund and maintain ...

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Marsha Blackburn Says Voters Sent Her To DC To Secure The Border

Republican Sen.-elect Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said voters sent her to Washington to help secure the U.S. southern border, on “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday. “Let me tell you something. There is an acronym for the word team. My mom used it with me growing up. Together everyone achieves more. And what Tennesseans are looking at is a president who has delivered ...

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The Political Posturing of Nancy Pelosi: Redux

S.M. Sigerson wrote, “A nation which fails to adequately remember salient points of its own history, is like a person with Alzheimer’s. And that can be a social disease of a most destructive nature.” Such is the case with Nancy Pelosi’s retaking of the Speaker’s gavel in her return to the post of Speaker of the House, a position that ...

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Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Says ‘Fences And Walls’ Are Just One Step In Stopping Illegal Immigration Crisis

Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Roy Villareal said on “Fox & Friends” Monday that “fences and walls” are just one step in securing the U.S. southern border. He claimed America’s current illegal immigration crisis is “unprecedented” and called for a more comprehensive approach to border security. “In my 30 years of working for the Border Patrol, I have never witnessed the situation that we’re ...

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Watch: President Trump’s Message on Border Security

On Thursday evening, the White House released President Donald Trump’s message on border security. “The Democrats are absolute hypocrites,” Trump said. “All along, they’ve been supporting walls and supporting fences.” “They only don’t wanna’ do it because of me,” he added. Watch:

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Gerry Baker: Caravan crisis lets Trump push border security

President Trump doubles down on his threat to close the Mexican border, urges Congress to fund the border wall.  Gerry Baker, host of the new Fox Business Network show ‘Wall Street Journal at Large with Gerry Baker,’ says that the continued presence of the Migrant Mob at the border helps President Trump keep border security at the forefront. “There’s been ...

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White House: Judge’s order will “open floodgates” for illegal aliens; promises to fight back

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that a federal district judge’s ruling against the administration’s border policy will allow illegal aliens to pour into the country at the expense of taxpaying Americans and they have no intention of letting that stand. “At this very moment, massive numbers of aliens are arriving at our southern border, threatening to incapacitate our ...

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