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Matt Walsh: The Left’s War Against Christianity Is Just Getting Started

Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh said the left’s war against Christianity dramatically escalated this past week and claimed their intolerance will only get worse.

“It strikes me as enormously coincidental that over the last week we kept hearing how Christian schools are nests of bigotry and intolerance,” Walsh said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “Then on Saturday, we get this wonderful example of a supposed bigotry — Which of course was not bigotry but that’s the way the left was painting it.”

“I think what we’re seeing from the left now is they have put aside that sort of really qualified tolerance they had before where they said, well you can be Christian in church or in your school — Just not out in public. Don’t throw it in our face. Now they’re saying well if you’re Christian even in your private school, that’s going to be a problem too. Because we can’t have any of that as well,” he added.

Walsh said the backlash against Christians is entering a new phase where private worship and religious education are now being questioned.

“So I think that’s the next phase. They’re saying no, even in your private areas, Christianity is no longer acceptable,” he said.

Walsh also singled out Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii for criticizing The Knights of Columbus and said she was out of line when she tried to paint the Catholic group as extreme.

“Hirono is making a run for being the worst person in the Senate and she’s got a lot of competition for that so it’s kind of admirable,” he said. “The most extremist things that the Knights of Columbus do is they hold toy drives for kids around Christmas time.”

“If you’re coming out against the Knights of Columbus and calling them extremists and all this, you just hates Catholics. That’s all that is. What you find extremist about them and bigoted and disgusting is that they are Catholic. Because other than that, all they do is they do charity events. So this is just open bigotry against Catholics and against Christians.”

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