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How to pick the right signage company for your establishment?

New enterprises rarely think about signage and store branding, when they have their entire marketing strategy to plan. It is the biggest faux pas any business can make. Logo design and signage are integral parts of marketing. When a new company comes to the market, it should not only worry about product quality and consumer feedback but also about establishing a strong presence. Having a noticeable logo and great signage outside the store increases the recall value of the brand.

Sometimes, it is also necessary for old brands to revisit their in-store and outdoor signage. Dilapidated signs do not attract the right kind of attention a business deserves. Budget changes can bring about an immense difference in the business profits. Shield Co Signs can help you understand how a few simple changes in the signage can make a world of difference to your establishment.

Choosing the right signage is all your business needs for that extra boost. Here’s how you can pick the right company –

  1. Pick a local company

Selecting a local company may not seem like a big deal, but a local company is more likely to understand your market and brand message better than a company from the next city or state. Most importantly, the can have great offers for the fellow small business owners in the same town!

  1. They should offer customization

A great signage company should provide a rich array of printing and design media. Most modern businesses go with metal since the metal business signage looks suave and they have a great lifespan. Aluminum, steel, brass, and copper are some of the smart choices for all corporations and enterprises.

  1. Look for expertise and experience

Pick a signage company that has experience in the field. Do not pick a brand new team with no portfolio just because they are offering a steal deal. A business sign should be a marketing investment. Browse a company’s profile carefully, check their past work and find out about their expertise before you hire them.

  1. Talk about installation

Most new businesses are often happy to get a discount deal on design. They do not bother about the installation. However, installing metal signage can be challenging without the proper tools. Some metal signs require hidden lighting fixtures and accent lights. If you plan on creating something unique with light accents on the metal lettering, you should speak about installation with your design company in advance.

  1. Check their market presence

A company that has been around for a while should have an impressive market presence. Visit their online profiles and check for references. Their website and business profile should point towards their market knowledge. Never work with a company that has a sketchy market presence with little to no references.

Picking the right signage company is usually not a challenge especially when you keep these five points in mind. Do not shy away from speaking your mind while meeting with the company representative. Ask about their previous jobs, existing clients and see their signage work in person. Unless you see a few of their samples, you will not get the exact idea of what you are looking at.

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