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Enemies Of The People: Democrats Aid And Abet Illegal Alien Criminals And Murderers

Democrats knowingly and willingly, purely for their own personal political purposes, are allowing crimes to be committed, and are doing nothing to halt or even lessen this terrible national tragedy. The sanctuary city scam is the most obvious outrage, where Democrats allow people from every nation on the globe, to cross our southern border illegally to prey on people in America, citizens and non-citizens alike. These good people are preyed upon by the newly-arrived illegal criminal class that the Democrats urge to come from Central America.

Democrats are so dependent on a fresh dependent class to vote for them and their big-government welfare state, that they will allow, and even specifically invite, the suffering millions of people in order to get caravans of thousands of travelers to plod north to the promised land that Democrats have created in their sanctuary enclaves.

At present there is a government shutdown, caused by Democrats, who in their desperation for a dependent Democrat voter class, oppose President Trump’s urgent insistence on building a protective barrier along the southern border of the United States in order to keep out people who will burden our nation with disease, joblessness and crime if they are not blocked from entry by a sufficiently strong wall or fence. Democrats claim to want national security but contend that the wall is immoral and will not work, a claim that was shockingly proven wrong by one of President Trump’s most ardent, in-your-face opponents and critics, CNN’s Jim Acosta, when he walked along a stretch of the border in Texas that already is protected by a fence and noted that there were no illegals trying to cross where the fence is located. Mr. Acosta didn’t realize that he was making the president’s point for him: walls work to keep unwelcome people out.

Meanwhile, while Democrats refuse to give President Trump the tools and the money he needs to protect life and property in America, we hear reports of a new and larger caravan leaving Honduras bound for America, which means that more thousands of poor people will make the dangerous trek the length of Mexico, putting more women at risk of rape, and more children at risk of disease, death and slavery at the hands of criminals watching the caravans’ every move. Democrats are directly responsible for the suffering of these unfortunate people because they encourage them to come to America illegally and become the new Democrat voting base, and if the last caravan is any example, the citizens of Tijuana will also be forced to suffer as these additional thousands of people hit a dead end at the border and become a burden for Mexican citizens.

With the almost daily listing of crimes, rapes and murders committed by people in our nation illegally, one would think that this national emergency would get the support of honest citizens and politicians on the political left, to end the government shutdown by backing President Trump’s plan to defend our border from any further invasion with a stable barrier, but Democrat politicians are anything but honest and seek to keep the border open only to further increment their voting base in light of too many existing residents and American citizens not favoring the divisive Democrat party and its plot to raise taxes, create a socialist state of failure and suffering, further divide Americans along lines of false self-identity, and undermine the 2016 election with corrupt, FBI-prosecuted crimes against a duly elected president by spying on him and by generating evidence from whole cloth to try to get him indicted and removed from office; kind of like a third world banana republic would do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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