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Democratic Sen. Chris Coons Says Trump’s Border Wall is ‘Not Immoral’ And Calls For Shutdown Compromise

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware reiterated that President Donald Trump’s border wall is “not immoral” on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and called for a compromise to end the government shutdown.

“As you know on ‘Fox News Sunday’ I said that I disagree that a border wall, that a border fence is immoral,” Coons said.

“It’s a piece of infrastructure. There are things about the president’s immigration policies I find immoral,” he continued. “But I think it’s important for those of us in the Senate who want to work together to end this shutdown to begin finding some middle ground. But the important first step is the president has to reopen the government.”

Coons claimed there is a group of Congressional Republicans and Democrats working together to find a solution to the shutdown but said the gridlock has put the safety of America at risk.

“There’s a whole group of us who are talking but I’ll tell you the next best move is for the president to agree to reopen the government and let us begin working,” he said earlier in the interview. “I don’t expect the president to capitulate. I do expect him to compromise.”

“You’ve got a Speaker of the House who’s completely dug in, a president who’s completely dug in, and clearly there’s going to have to be a compromise. We’re not going to build a thousand miles of border wall. We all know that. It will be something less than that. And for us to have a meaningful conversation, we’ve got to reopen the government. This isn’t good for our safety as a nation. It’s not good for our prosperity,” Coons said.

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