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Covington Catholic Students Hit With Threats Of Being Burned Alive And Sexually Abused

Covington Catholic students Sam Schroder and Grant Hillmann said they’ve been hit with threats of being burned alive and sexually abused, following this past weekend’s March for Life incident.

“I was doxed three separate occasions before we posted that video. And the threats, they’ve been horrible,” Hillmann said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“I’ve never heard such cruel things wished upon another human being — ranges from getting locked inside a building and burned alive to sexually assaulted by the clergy members,” he said. “It’s just awful.”

Schroder said his classmate Nick Sandmann was not being disrespectful when he was approached by Native American activist Nathan Phillips and was actually trying to be courteous.

“I know no one from our school would be disrespectful,” he said. “And everybody else who was in the video that was surrounding the area — they told me that he had — he was not trying to do that at all. I know what kind of kids [Covington] raises and it’s not disrespect.”

Hillmann said it’s sad to see his Kentucky school mocked on social media and criticized those who have come out against Covington for their negative bullying.

“It’s really sad to see someone with such a huge platform, who has the ability to spread positivity, to use it in such a negative manner to bully children,” he said.

Co-host Steve Doocy asked the boys about a video that allegedly shows students in black face at a pep rally from several years ago and Schroder said it was a display of school spirit.

“I just explain it as showing our school spirit. We have many themes like nerd, business, white out, blue out, black out as you’ve seen in the video,” he replied. “I know the kids meant nothing by it. It’s just showing school spirit.”

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