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American Democrats Are Suckers For The Lie Of Socialism

Venezuela is a perfect example of what the United States fought against in World War II
and in the cold war with the Soviet Union. Venezuela has become a totally impoverished and destroyed nation since its conversion to Socialism, with its citizens trying to escape in the millions in order to get any kind of healthcare and to buy some food for their families, and Venezuela’s transformation to Socialism was done peacefully, but without public discussion or agreement, when the former dictator, Hugo Chavez, took Socialist control of the formerly fantastically wealthy Venezuelan oil industry and edicted price and wage controls across the entire nation. Chavez’s dictatorial acts ended up killing the goose (in this case the goose was the individual liberty of each Venezuelan citizen) that laid the golden egg.

In America, some of the more radical Democrat members of the newly seated House of Representatives are proposing Socialist, or even perhaps Communist, revisions to our entire economic system. These fool people are proposing these dangerous and destructive changes while living in and enjoying the greatest capitalist economic system in the world, built under our form of Capitalism, when all of the evidence available and all of the nations that have resorted to Socialism would tell them that the economic positions of Socialism never work, and never improve the economic welfare of the nations’ citizens. In fact Socialism is so destructive to the liberty and the comfort of the captive citizens of nations that try it, that dictatorial control usually follows as the public tires of its lack of liberty and the poverty that nearly always resorts from any Socialist rule. Getting rid of Capitalism will plunge the United States into devastating poverty, just like Chavez’s tampering with the economic status quo did to Venezuela.

But dictator Chavez never suffered after he took over Venezuela and made the nation devastatingly poor. The portly Chavez appeared to put on weight each time a photo was published of him, while it’s been reported that the average Venezuelan citizen lost 20 pounds of body weight last year due to a shortage of food, and I believe that our Democrat congresspersons are being Chavez-like with their proposals: making themselves more powerful and wealthy at the expense of the other 300,000,000 Americans. Liberals are not very smart people, and rarely think at all about the outcome of things they propose to force on American citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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