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What Hath Democrats Wrought?

Looking back at the previous 25 or so years, the permissiveness, lawlessness and outright anger of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party has caused changes to our society that no one who knew the prior America would even pretend to like or approve of.

But first of all one must fend off the predictable leftist counter-attack against anyone who opposes the way Democrats have undermined traditional America by presenting charges that their critics, one of whom is this paper, are racists and misogynists: the fact is that the civil rights act was put together and passed by Republicans over the great opposition of Democrats, who at the time were still ordering pointy hats and white hoods for their members to wear on weekends, and the right of women to vote also came from Republicans, not Democrats. Now to get on with the points I wish to make.

In the fairly recent past we had sweet love songs from Frankie Avalon and the Shirelles, and now we have Rap songs with discordant sounds and lyrics shouting about beating their bitches and killing police officers.

In the past, comedians made fun of all politicians and other dominant personalities in our society. But today the few comedians we have left who don’t want to offend our dear snow-flake college students and make them uncomfortable, concentrate on attacking Donald Trump, which is politically approved and won’t make the students burn down the school library as a result of their discomfort and frustrations.

In the past, college campuses had people of all colors and all political persuasions speaking with students. But today conservatives need not apply to speak, and black conservatives had really better not apply.

In the past, a president could visit military personnel in the field and the press would dutifully report the visit. But today the press ridicules and insults President Trump for not visiting the troops, and then, when they discover that he is indeed visiting the troops, they ridicule and insult him for not having shown up at some earlier time, and then they turn their wrath on the military personnel themselves for showing some affection and appreciation for Trump visiting them at Christmas and sharing a meal with them. For Republicans it’s always lose-lose with the liberal press.

In the past, police officers who risked their lives protecting the public were appreciated and respected. But today the Black Lives Matter crowd and the sanctuary cities underground movement only want police officers assassinated.

In the past, any politically subversive plots that originated in the White House which employed the FBI to spy on and infiltrate their political opponent would have resulted in the sitting president being driven from office. But today not only is Obama’s plot to assure the defeat of Donald Trump being covered up and kept quiet by the left-wing press, but the special counsel appointed to investigate the phony Dossier evidence against Trump is also covering up their own culpability in the political investigation against Trump by “losing” thousands to text messages passed between the two FBI special investigators as they planned the defeat of candidate Trump, this being the assigned intent of their investigation, in the 2016 presidential election. The labyrinthine, Machiavellian twists originating from the DC swamp in their attempts to remove Trump from office is amazing. And meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who was investigated by the FBI personnel who uncovered many illegal acts on her part, which acts they chose to announce and then ignore, floats about freely with nothing but accolades from the Democrat swamp running Washington, as Trump is attacked daily for having done nothing wrong or improper.

In the past, people accused of crimes were at least given the chance to defend themselves and to have evidence presented against them in a fair trial. But today Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump would not believe that fair and verifiable charges against them can ever be refuted, because the liberal press presents lies all day long, every day against these two individuals with no chance to defend themselves in any traditional American way.

In the past, Republicans and Democrats alike insisted on the adherence to the law and wanted a strong border to keep out illegals, diseased persons and criminals. But today Democrats call border walls “immoral” and openly invite and celebrate illegal border crossings and even provide sanctuary for those illegals who manage to break our laws and enter the nation illegally.

Modern Democrats have destroyed nearly everything that has made America distinctive from most other nations of the world, and to this day they continue the fight against American values and our constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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