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These Are The Greediest Most Sin-Filled Cities In America, Study Says


Las Vegas lives up to its notorious title of “Sin City” as the most vice-filled city in America, and many other cities are plagued by similar vices, according to a Monday study.

Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York rank as the top three most sinful cities in the U.S., respectively, according to a WalletHub study published on Nov. 26. Houston and St. Louis follow as the most vice-filled cities, respectively. St. Louis has a higher share of adult smokers than any other city, according to the study.

South Burlington, Vermont, and Pearl City, Hawaii, rank as the least sinful cities, respectively, according to WalletHub. Columbia, Maryland, and Burlington, Vermont, rank third and fourth, respectively.

The WalletHub authors conducted their study by comparing 182 cities across factors of anger, jealousy, excesses and vices, greed, lust, vanity and laziness. The cities selected for the study include America’s 150 most populated cities along with at least two of the most populated cities in each state, according to WalletHub.

The number of sex offenders, violent crimes, hate crimes, deaths by firearm and bullying rates were factored into WalletHub’s calculation of sin. The number of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, thefts — including of identity — and fraud were also included.

Cities were compared across obesity and high school dropout rates, as well as by number of fast food restaurants, smokers, DUIs, opioid prescriptions, adult entertainment establishments, active Tinder users, and beauty and tanning salons.

Irvine, California, has the lowest crime rate, according to WalletHub, where St. Louis has over 34 times that rate, according to the study. Yonkers, New York, also has the fewest thefts per 1,000 residents. Springfield, Missouri, has the highest rate at nearly 91 thefts per 1,000 residents.

New York, however, has the most beauty salons and spas per square root of population.

Las Vegas lives up to its notorious title of “Sin City.” Source: WalletHub

Fremont, California, has the lowest share of obese adults and Detroit has the highest, according to the study. San Jose, California, also has the lowest share of adult smokers.

Addiction to gambling causes roughly $100 billion in losses for U.S. consumers every year, according to the study. Identity theft and fraud also totaled $16 billion in 2017, according to WalletHub.

Smoking kills half a million people in America every year, and costs roughly $300 billion dollars in medical care and lost productivity, according to a January WalletHub report.

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