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The Democrats Have No Clothes – Ben Garrison Cartoon

President Trump met with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the White House to discuss the construction of a wall on our southern border.

They would have none of it. Trump surprised them though; he invited the news media to cover the event.

Pelosi made it clear she’d rather talk about government issues in private. In other words, she wants no transparency. She’d rather do things behind closed doors and in secret so pesky citizens can’t see her clearly carrying out her corruption. Remember when Pelosi spoke about the Obamacare bill?

“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill”.

Both Pelosi’s and Schumer’s pathological hatred of our president was on naked display. Schumer spoke without even making eye contact with Trump. It’s clear that Pelosi and Schumer don’t want to stop criminals from pouring over our southern border.

They aren’t interested in protecting American lives and jobs.

It’s not a matter of not having the money. We have a 21 trillion dollar deficit thanks to Big Government spending. What’s another $5 billion or so for the wall? The U.S. wants to give Israel $38 billion over ten years for their walls and defense. Why can’t we muster the will to defend our own borders?

Trump exposed the Democrats for what they are: Self-serving socialists who are in lockstep in their hatred for our nationalist president. Trump should circumvent Congress and order the military to build the wall. It’s his job to make sure America is protected.

—Ben Garrison

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One Comment

  1. In my humble opinion it is all about winning the power. The Demorats have already shown that they are willing to do anything to win an election. They will lie, cheat, steal make promise that they will NEVER Keep, a policy of win at what ever cost. So this open borders is nothing more than about votes! They do not care if any one is killed by these illegal aliens as long as they only kill conservatives, Republicans and vote Democrat. I guess people are tired of having any country. I mean they keep voting for these people…why?

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