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Learning To Believe Democrat Lies And Not My Own Two Eyes

For weeks, Democrats repeatedly told us that there was no caravan marching toward the U.S. from Central America. Then who are these people in Tijuana making life miserable for the Mexican government and the unfortunate citizens of Mexico?

Democrats also told us that the non-existent caravan was nothing but peaceful people, mostly families with women and children, who only want to come here and pay taxes that Americans won’t pay. Then who are these young, military-aged men, who attacked our border guards and broke into the homes of the citizens of Tijuana?

Democrats told us that the Affordable Care Act would allow us to save money on healthcare, and that we could keep our doctor and keep our old plan. Then why are we getting reports of ninety-percent increases in premiums and deductibles under Obamacare, for plans and doctors that nobody wants?

The Democrat-controlled press refer to the terrorist group, ANTIFA, as just being citizens who are opposed to fascism, and that they demonstrate this opposition to fascism by using the fascist tactics of stopping traffic, beating people in their cars and burning college campuses. Actually, ANTIFA is just another Democrat enforcement brigade exactly like the KKK was.

Democrats continue to tell us the benefits of Socialism, and of the free stuff owed all citizens and non-citizens alike under Socialism. Then how do Democrats explain the unfortunate citizens of the formerly wealthy nation of Venezuela who are starving to death and getting no healthcare in their crumbling, Socialist paradise of a nation?

Our former Democrat president bragged that his administration had no scandals at all during his eight years of “Fundamentally Transforming America”. Then what was the Fast and Furious thing; the IRS thing; the Obamacare series of lies; the spying on Obama’s political opponent, Donald Trump, by the FBI, if not major scandals?

Democrats promised us that the election of Donald Trump would lead to the collapse of the entire world economy extending indefinitely into the dark and threatening future. Then why have Americans’ 401Ks seen such an increase in value the last two years?

Democrats used to assure us that our southern border should be protected from illegal entry. Then why did Barack Obma refuse to enforce immigration law that kept illegal aliens out, then fail to track where the continuing influx of tens of thousands of illegal entrants were sent to for settlement once they illegally entered our nation?

Democrats criticize Republicans for being out-of-date and being racists for practicing traditional, old fashioned religious beliefs, then they call Trump “immoral” for wanting a wall across our southern border to protect American citizens. Are Democrats just falsely pretending to be religious by choosing the formerly discarded Christian reference to “immorality”, following their repeatedly expressed rejection of the religion that morality is an integral part of?

When the Democrat gladiator, Senator Cory Booker, was accused of taking sexual liberties with a man recently, Democrats insisted that proof of the validity of this event be presented before guilt could be considered. But when Brett Kavanaugh was, a few months ago, accused of taking sexual liberties with a woman 35 in the past, Democrats insisted that the charge alone was enough evidence that the event took place, and that Kavanaugh must immediately remove himself from consideration for the Supreme Court and that he should insist on a complete investigation by the FBI into this ancient matter.

For the last 70 years Democrats have insisted that the economic path to wealth for all persons was Communism, and they genuflected to Russia as being the answer to the economic futures of all Americans. Then why is the false and phony Trump/Russia collusion such a threat to America that the FBI, the FISA court and a series of anti-Trump FBI agents have to try to frame Trump by insisting that he worked with Vladimir Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?

For the last 40 years leftists have told us that we had only 5 years, then 10 years, then 20 years to live before the world would burn up as a result of the lie of global warming. Celebrities from Paul Ehrlich, to Ted Danson, to Prince Charles have made these lying predictions, and still the left issues new warnings of global doom in the near and distant future if we don’t give government more control over our lives immediately. When will the American public stand up and reject these leftist, control-freak lies of a non-existent event and begin living their lives for themselves and not buckling under to the controls Democrats wish to inflict on their lives and the lives of their children?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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