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Katie Pavlich: Comey negotiating conditions of his subpoena is ‘absurd’

Disgraced former FBI director James Comey is slammed as ‘privileged’ and ‘out of touch’ by Fox News co-host Katie Pavlich for trying to dictate the terms of his hearing with House lawmakers on the agency’s handling of the Clinton and Russia investigations.

“Do you think that any regular civilian, who gets a subpoena from Congress or the F.B.I., has the ability, for 2 seconds, to negotiate the terms of where they appear, and when, and what questions are asked?” Pavlich said Friday night on “Outnumbered”. “This is a totally privileged, out of touch, entitled government bureaucrat who thinks he is not only above the law but is above the same standard of the law that everybody else out in America has to comply with.”

Pavlich went on to call Comey’s attempts to dictate the terms of his appearance before Congress “absurd.”


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