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If Ken Starr Was A Sex Fiend, Why Isn’t Robert Mueller One Also?

One fondly recalls, during the 1990s, the Clinton supporters claiming that Ken Starr, the special investigator appointed to investigate the Clinton administration’s various scandals, was a sex fiend for all of the sexual tie-ins he found that tarnished Bill Clinton as a predator for his numerous sexual escapades, many of which were violent and unwanted, and led to Clinton‘s being impeached by Congress and fined and sentenced by a federal judge, for his numerous crimes against women.

Today’s news reports identify Donald Trump as having sexual encounters, all of which were voluntary, by the way, and one wonders where the cries of “sex fiend” are against Robert Mueller for the sex-related incidents he’s found in the Trump investigation. If Ken Starr was just a dirty old man out to dig up embarrassing facts that gave him personal stimulation while helping build a case against Clinton, why isn’t the same claim being made against Robert Mueller for the sexual innuendo he’s dug up?

Unfortunately Republicans have no booster club, nor do they have a peanut gallery manned by the likes of James Carville and Paul Begala to present their case and scream idiocies to the American public via the leftist, Democrat-loving press, so similar claims of an improper investigation, even one begun and allegedly validated by a false document (the Steele dossier) paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC, are going unchallenged.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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