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Fox News Channel’s Scandalous: Chappaquiddick Continues Sunday with Episode 2 – “A Tiger By The Tail”

FOX News Channel’s (FNC) docu-series Scandalous: Chappaquiddick continues with episode two entitled, “A Tiger by the Tail” on Sunday, December 9th at 8 PM ET.

This week’s episode will dive deep into the aftermath of the summer night that led to the discovery of Senator Ted Kennedy’s car and campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne’s body submerged in the water off a small one-lane bridge. With the Kopechne family grieving the loss of Mary Jo, Kennedy’s team of advisors work to devise a plan to save the Senator’s career and his presidential aspirations all while keeping the media in the dark. With pressure mounting, Kennedy breaks his silence by addressing the American public in a live speech on national television, however, the controversial speech led to an official investigation into Mary Jo’s death.

Former Edgartown Chief of Police Dominick “Jim” Arena: “I told the District Attorney’s office. I called them to report that he had been in an accident and that somebody was killed. The detective lieutenant who answered the phone told me that I had a tiger by the tail and good luck.” That tiger was a member of the Kennedy family.

“And anyone who might have some insight was suddenly nowhere to be found,” the narrator says.

“On July 30, the office of Edward Kennedy announced that he was returning to Washington to resume his duties in the Senate, and would be running for reelection in 1970. Before he arrived on Martha’s Vineyard on July 18, 1969, Kennedy had been the clear frontrunner to carry the mantle of the family dynasty on the way back to the presidency.” 

“Ted Kennedy is the first kind of chink in the armor with Chappaquiddick because people are beginning to scratch their heads “Well that just doesn’t add up to what we know about the Kennedys,” Boston University Professor Thomas Whalen says. “Chappaquiddick is the first kind of indication that Camelot is not all that it should be, that there’s a dark side to Camelot.”

An extended director’s cut version containing additional footage and longer guest interviews will be available on FOX Nation, Sunday at 8:05 PM/ET.

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