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The top names in the list of rare horses – What should you know about them?

Horses are popular all across the world, and they are known for being the best companion of human beings since time immemorial. There are so many breeds of horses that you will get amazed. Their indisputably outstanding beauty and tameable, friendly nature make them highly desirable, but some horse breeds are found in extremely limited numbers across the world. Following are the vital information regarding horses that are on the verge of extinction:

  1. Caspian

This is a top breed in racing, and if you are really looking for a Caspian, then you may be able to find one. The number of Caspians are less than 2000 around the globe which make them really rare. There are still good numbers as compared to others and the chances to save this breed are higher due to such reasons.

If you have ever seen horse racing, then you may have found this breed. This breed is good in their racing abilities because these have a lot of strength in their legs. Such factors are making Caspian highly advantageous and better from other ones. You can watch horse racing on TVG.

  1. Cleveland Bay

The beautiful horses are always higher in demand, and if you are talking about some of the best in looks, then you can’t go wrong with the Cleveland Bay. However, these are absolutely rated to find. The numbers say that Cleveland Bay is less than 1100 and many organizations are trying to save this breed. No one wants to see a beautiful breed go extinct that’s why there are lots of efforts from many people.

These horses have the amazing strength that these were used for goods exchange. Taking goods from one place to another was a big thing a long time ago, but now, it is really common. Still, these horses are necessary to the world that’s why some of the organization trying their best to increase the birth rate and saving this species.

  1. Exmoor Pony

The Exmoor Pony is a horse species that is mainly found in mountains and hills. These horses are mostly loved by hunters, but now, Exmoor Pony is also at the extinction rate. You can easily say that Exmoor Pony has the toughest history in the past. To practice target and shoot, these horses were choice for everyone. Even, these horses become the food in the First World War.

So, it is easy to say that the Exmoor Pony has an important role in this world and they are also required to be saved. The numbers say that there are less than 2000 Exmoor Ponies and you won’t be able to find any after the year 2020. The next two years seems like a small time, but due to the poor birth rate, the extinction is possible. It is the major reason that these horses should be saved.

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