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San Diego’s Chief Border Patrol Agent: Migrant Caravan Will Be Kept Out


by Nick Givas

San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott said he and his team will not allow the migrant caravan to cross over into the United States, on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

“We’ve been monitoring the caravans for a few weeks now as they come up through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. We’ve been monitoring the violent tactics that they’ve used. That’s very unique,” Scott said.

“We’ve been preparing for a couple weeks now,” he added. “We’ve surged in resources. The Department of Defense has been helping us harden the border. What that really means, using concertina wire, building obstacles making it harder to cross between the ports of entry. And we’ve been staffing up our ports of entry to make sure that we’re ready and that we’re not going to be overwhelmed.”

Scott said San Diego has eight miles of new border wall set up. He promised the prosecution of anyone who tries to cross the border illegally.

“We’ve got nearly eight miles of new border wall constructed here in San Diego. That construction is ongoing so that creates some vulnerabilities for us, but that’s what Department of Defense has been helping us put in place,” he said.

“I have a great relationship with the U.S. attorney here though. And anybody that crosses the border between the ports of entry that’s amenable to prosecution — we will charge them with illegally entering the United States,” he concluded, adding:

“The president’s proclamation that was recently enacted or put out as an interim rule — you’ll be ineligible for asylum if you illegally cross between the ports of entry. So part of it is our messaging but part of it is our response. We’ve shifted several hundred border patrol agents into the area. We have better technology than we’ve had in years. We’ve unfortunately had to pull people from other areas along the border where they were already gainfully employed. But we’re not going to let people mass across the border here in San Diego.”

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