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Democrats Create A ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Then Shrug It Off

The flood of Central American immigrants the Democrats said was not coming north but would be peaceful when it got here, has arrived, and is both here and violent.

The Mayor of Tijuana is so concerned about this mass of humanity and it’s adverse health impact on his city, that he has proclaimed this invasion force to be a “humanitarian crisis” and has appealed to the United Nations for relief. Thanks Democrats, and muchas gracias Obama.

American radical Democrats arranged for this mass of people to approach our border in order to embarrass President Trump, and then, in the midst of these thousands of Central Americans and their suffering, the Democrats give us the old Emily Litella: “Never mind”. How can America’s progressive Democrat politicians pretend to be helping poor people when they abuse those who listen to their crap, and then desert them at their hour of greatest need.

With a population containing ten percent criminals (Democrats swore that there were no criminals in this invasion force) and being made up mainly of young, military-aged men (Democrats swore that the caravan was all families seeking refuge and having over fifty percent women and children) this crowd is a threat to Mexico and the citizens of Tijuana, and is representative of the invaders’ threat, via the leftist “sanctuary” effort, to America and its citizens.

Everything Democrats do has an unintended negative consequence on American citizens, and one wishes that progressive Democrats would consider America’s interests in the world, and the future interests of their own children and grand-children, and stop tampering with the success the United States represents, which the world sees and loves, as proven by the dire efforts of many people to get here from less fortunate countries, at great risk to themselves

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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