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Democrat “Sanctuary” Enclaves Now Extend Into Mexico

If anyone thinks that the invaders at the southern border are any different from invaders who have already successfully entered our nation and established “sanctuary” enclaves throughout the nation during the Obama administration, they need to think again.

Jim Acosta, the self-identified celebrity CNN reporter, and his assurances that the caravans would never get to America and would never be violent if they arrive aside, the caravans carry the same kinds of people that already reside in the increasingly unpleasant sanctuary of California.

Probably the first thing any sensible, non-progressive observer saw during the violent melee on the San Diego border last week, was that women were offering their children to tear gas, throw rocks and other thrown missiles in an attempt to gain sympathy for the poor caravanistas, but after living through the various Middle East and Israeli wars and terrorist incidents in which women and children were sent ahead of the weapon-wielding soldiers to provide cover and to discourage defensive fire, we know and understand the Nazi tactics of these subhuman creatures, and we‘re seeing it again displayed on the California border.

Given all the belly-aching coming from Democrats about tear gas usage, it appears that the hate-Trump camp would have preferred, or at least have been no more outraged than they currently are, if the American border agents had used live ammunition to protect themselves and the American citizens in the nation behind them, and not the harmless tear gas they actually did use.

It’s a certainty that American liberals don’t care a pinch for the injury of peasant children. All Democrats want is to use these poor, unfortunate people to gain political power and to remove Donald Trump from office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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