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Watch Live: President Donald Trump holds MAGA rally in Topeka, KS – 10/6/18

President Donald Trump will hold a Make America Great Again rally in Topeka, Kansas Saturday evening to support Kris Kobach (R) who is running against Laura Kelly (d) for the governor’s seat.

Kobach narrowly leads Kelly in two recent polls so Trump’s appearance and endorsement will likely be enough to push him over the top.

The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. CST.

Live Streams of President Trump’s MAGA Rally in Topeka, Kansas 10-6-18

Fox News

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Diamond and Silk

Golden State News

CBS News

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  1. I notice you n my iPhone that for past couple of days your page jumps all over the place making it hard to find things.,just an FYI

  2. The Kavanaugh allegations. An attempt at a good old fashioned lynching by a mindless mob. Get the rope and string him up. A very dangerous mentality.

    • WOW! Joseph, this page is about upcoming rallies & where to watch them. I have to wonder if it’s the President or Kavanaugh protest by Democrats and unruly crowds that you refer to as “him”. Is this meant as tongue in cheek satire?
      PLEASE clarify

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