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Trump feels like I do on Warren DNA results: “Who Cares?”

I’ve spent the morning ignoring stories of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results that show she’s about as much an American Indian as I am. I didn’t see the newsworthiness in the story, I still don’t and now, President Trump has put my feelings into words in a way that only he could.

Departing the White House Monday morning, the president took questions from the press pool on topics such as the possible involvement by the Saudi government in the disappearance of a reporter, the return of Pastor Andrew Brunson, Hurricane Michael recover efforts,  and negotiations with North Korea … then came the question absolutely no one wanted the answer to…

“What do you think about Senator Elizabeth Warren releasing her DNA tests?” a reporter asked.

President Trump didn’t hesitate, didn’t take a moment to contemplate the global impact of Warren’s test results or show any concern for how the socialist Senator from Massachusetts might take his response. No, he just said what I’ve been thinking all morning.

“Who cares?” the president replied. I smiled, let out a giggle, and thought – “yessir!”

Warren’s test results show a 1/1024th portion of her DNA came from possible Native American ancestry. My dogs probably have that much American Indian blood in them…  But, as the president put it, who cares?

Elizabeth Warren is an awful person, an unapologetic socialist and an anti-American disaster. Sure, she lied to Harvard. OK. Yeah, she pretended to be Native America. Whatever… But if I have to drop back to those facts to know that I wouldn’t vote for her as president, then I’ve got bigger issues.

Trump was also asked what he thought about her possible candidacy for president in 2020 to which he replied, “I hope so, it wouldn’t be difficult to beat her.”

“HAH!” I thought, smiling at my desk as the president said what I was thinking yet again.

Elizabeth Warren? Yeah, who cares?

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Rich Mitchell

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