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This is America’s Democrat Party

A few years ago, in a speech intended to get Democrats motivated, President Barack Obama encouraged his audience to “take a gun to a knife fight” when dealing with Republicans. In another speech made prior to America’s winter holiday season, Obama encouraged Democrats to “get in the faces” of their friends and relatives during upcoming holiday meals and push leftist politics on them, which would be the typical attitude of a radical, leftist political organizer from Chicago.

Then we have Democrat House member Maxine Waters who has made numerous speeches insisting that her followers harass and disrupt Republicans they may find in restaurants or at the airport or a movie house, or even at their homes, and make life miserable for them.

Eric Holder, now a presidential candidate for 2020, recently made the statement that when Republicans “go low” Democrats should kick them. This from the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States in the Obama administration, and Democrats consider President Trump to have a temperament and demeanor unbefitting the presidency.

We should never forget the Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer who shot and nearly killed Republican Steve Scalese in an Arlington park, with the full intent of killing him and other Republicans assembled to play baseball. Sanders’ violent speeches had made this man angry at Republicans, and had encouraged him to take his rifle to the park to set things straight.

ANTIFA, the stepchild of the old Occupy Wall Street rabble, is a radical leftist group which beats, threatens and terrorizes citizens going peacefully about their daily routine and inflicts fear on them. One would be safe in calling ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group.

Recall that it was the DNC, at Hillary Clinton’s specific order, that hired out-of-work people and union thugs to inflict violence on the Trump campaign workers and volunteers during the 2016 election season.

And be mindful that Hillary herself recently said that it was not her plan or intent that Democrats would be “civil” to Republicans as long as the Democrat party was out of power. So Republicans are to be punished for her election loss in 2016 and for the votes of the American people that has left Democrats in the minority in both houses of Congress, and now in a minority on the Supreme Court.

Guess where this violent talk and action is headed and which American political party encourages it, and recall periods in history when similar political officials and their representatives were posing the same actions to their followers. Does pre-Communist Russia and pre-Hitler Germany come to mind?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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