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Senate Votes To Confirm Kavanaugh While Left’s Evil Plan To Thwart Fizzles


The Senate voted for Bret Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court on Saturday 50-48 after the long, hard hell the leftists have put this country through in the last few weeks came crashing down on their heads.  Montana Senator Steve Daines who vowed to vote for Kavanaugh could not attend the vote since his daughter was getting married and he had to walk her down the aisle so republican swing vote Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said she would vote “present” rather than “no” so as not to cancel out Daines vote.
She used the “pair between senators” procedure so that Republican Sen. Steve Daines can walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

On Friday The Washington Post reported The chamber voted 51 to 49 to advance the nomination after Republican leaders secured the votes of two GOP senators and one Democrat who had not publicly announced their intentions before arriving to vote. A final confirmation vote could come Saturday.

The last of the undecided votes began falling into place after the senators reviewed a highly anticipated report from the FBI investigating allegations of decades-old sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh.

Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Susan Collins (Maine), two of the Republican holdouts, voted to advance President Trump’s nominee, while Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) was the only GOP senator to break with her party. Sen. Joe Manchin III (W.Va.), a red-state Democrat up for reelection next month, was the only Democrat to support Kavanaugh.

Flake also indicated that he plans to vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Saturday “unless something big changes,” which he said he doesn’t expect — a move that further bolsters the judge’s prospects.

Before he was even nominated, Democrats were against Judge Kavanaugh. They didn’t bother to consider his outstanding qualifications and distinguished career in public service. They ran a shameful smear campaign to derail his confirmation. What is so ironic about this Kavanaugh situation is that every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee was against voting for Kavanaugh from the very beginning. There was no way they were going to change their mind, going back to July they announced to the press that they were against Kavanaugh, a qualified candidate with experience on the Appellate Court for over 12 years with over 300 opinions. They really didn’t care what past experience he had, all they cared about was preventing Kavanaugh from becoming Associate Judge on the Supreme Court. Then after the Hearings were over, Senator Feinstein reveals a letter she had in her possession since July by a Dr. Christine Ford who accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her at a houses party over 30 years ago. Ford mentioned several others who could back her up but they had no corroboration in Dr. Fords testimony , even her supposed best friend was even unaware who Judge Cavanaugh was , especially a party she doesn’t even remember, plus Feinstein did not give one heads-up by Dr. Ford that she was even going to release her name to the press.

The Democrats exploited Christine Ford to no end with her first requesting anonymity then dragging her out in public forcing to testify saying she was attacked by Judge Kavanaugh thirty-some years ago at a house party. The problem was her story was so filled with holes and the people she named who were supposed to be there all said they never remembered such a party.


First  She said she was claustrophobic from the incident and had a fear of flying which is why she couldn’t testify at first and the Senate committee said they would come out to see her there in Calif. Her lawyers never told her they said that and she ended up flying to them anyway. Later on, her ex-boyfriend said she was not claustrophobic and she flew a lot around the world and took plane trips in a propeller plane with her in Hawaii. He also said she never mentioned about being assaulted by Kavanaugh the whole time they were together which was approximately five years.

These leftists tried to portray Kavanaugh as a rapist at first, When that didn’t work they tried to accuse him of participating in gang rapes via the testimony of Julie Swetnick who was a friend of Dr. Ford’s. Her testimony was also full of holes and she couldn’t exactly say it was Kavanaugh who participated. Besides she had a checkered past herself.  When that didn’t work they accused him of having a bad temperament at his hearing. If I were Judge Kavanaugh, I’d be more than angry after what the Marxists did to me, my reputation and my family! In fact, I’d be more concerned if he wasn’t angry as not being angry would be an abnormal reaction. God Bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family!!!

I agree with Senator Grassley. I too was around for Bork, I too was around for Clarence Thomas and that was nothing compared to what they put Kavanaugh through. This was mob rule and the politics of personal destruction like the Salem Witch Trials and Nazi Germany, guilty until proven innocent. There was no rule of law and no presumed innocence with these protesters. They showed through their actions that they were against everything this country was founded on. I guess they don’t teach that in schools anymore either.

When I see these protesters who are mindless pre-programmed robots it reminded me of the Salem witch trials and I could see villagers rushing through the town with torches saying “Burn the witch.” They demonstrated in front of Senator’s homes, they chase them out of restaurants and public places all at the suggestion of Maxine Waters who should be arrested for inciting riots. I saw three protestors being interviewed and they all said the same talking points,” this is a job interview and there is no presumed innocence in a job interview’ It was so obvious they had someone write that for them and they couldn’t react on their own.  It has gotten so bad, in fact, that many GOP members of Congress and the Senate are now being guarded to protect them from potential assaults when they are walking around the Capitol building.

Kaveanugh protests

The mobs were supporting Christine Ford right from the beginning without hearing any facts or arguments. They said you always have to believe the victim. Yes until the victim lies likes Ford did in her testimony not knowing how she got to the party or how she left or how many people were there or where the house was or what time of year it was, but they still believed her.

A friend of Christine Ford, former FBI official Monica McLean, was reportedly pressuring Christine’s best friend Leland Keyser to change her firm denial on knowing Brett Kavanaugh.

The Daily Caller reports:

When Christine Blasey Ford alleged she had been sexually assaulted by a then 15-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, she offered the name of a female friend who she said was at the party with her – Leland Keyser.

Keyser, through her lawyer, denied any memory of such a party or knowing Kavanaugh at all. Since that original statement, the Wall Street Journal reports, Keyser was pressured to change her statement to be more supportive of the claim.

Keyser “told FBI investigators that she felt pressured by Dr. Ford’s allies to revisit her initial statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, which she later updated she believed but couldn’t corroborate Dr. Ford’s account,” according to the Journal.

One of the people Keyser told investigators had reached out to encourage the change was former FBI agent and Ford friend Monica McLean. McLean is the woman an ex-boyfriend of Ford’s swore in a statement to the Senate had been coached by Ford on how to handle a polygraph test, contradicting her sworn testimony. McLean issued a press statement through Ford’s lawyers denying the allegation.

This is disgraceful and needs to be investigated.

This is all about the Dems overturning the election and putting liberal activists on the Supreme Court. The Democrats’ opposition to Kavanaugh has nothing to do with Kavanaugh and has everything to do with their lust for power through the judicial branch that they can’t reliably acquire through democratic processes. Liberals judge by the bench and not the rule of law that this country was founded on. They want their tax breaks  (crumbs) back as Nancy Pelosi calls them, They want open borders, raise our taxes, do away with ICE and endless investigations. This is why the coming mid-term elections are one of the most important elections in our lifetime to save our country. On Election Day, we have the opportunity to hold Red State Democrats responsible for being complicit in the circus-like behavior of the Democratic party during the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. We can’t let liberals get their way by staging outbursts and grandstanding !!!

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