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Hillary Talks of Bill’s Sexual Misconduct As Compared To Trump’s


Recently Hillary Clinton sat down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and discussed her husband’s sexual accusers compared to Trump’s. The allegations against Bill Clinton — who was impeached after lying under oath about having a consensual relationship with then-White House intern, Monica Lewinsky — have resurfaced in light of the #MeToo Movement particularly by Juanita Broadderick who was raped by Clinton.

The Hill reports that Bill has been accused by four women of nonconsensual sexual interactions and has denied all accusations. All of Bill’s accusers have been proven credible more than Trump’s or Kavanaugh’s accusers. Hillary has said the woman must be believed when making a sexual accusation. Her hypocrisy is laughable since she destroyed and belittled women who said they were sexually assaulted by Bill. She did all she could to silence her husband’s accusers through her “bimbo eruptions unit” as named by her.

In her interview with Christiane Amanpour, Hillary said that “there is a very significant difference, and that is the intense, long-lasting partisan investigation that was conducted in the 90’s.”She went on to say, “If the Republicans want a comparison, they have to welcome an investigation themselves.”

I think Hillary is in need of some refreshing as well as some of these younger reporters who weren’t around at that time. Paula Jones was working at a hotel for Clinton’s campaign when a state trooper approached her and told her that the governor wanted to see her. When a six foot two 250 lb state trooper in uniform with a gun in his holster tells you to go see the governor, you go. He escorted her up to Clinton’s room. When inside Clinton proceeded to compliment her then dropped his pants and exposed himself telling her to “kiss it.” She immediately ran out and said “I’m not that kind of girl.” When she reported it to a feminist group they said, “Well at least he took no for an answer.” Paula asked for an apology in public and Clinton refused and denied it happened. Only last year, some 25 years later, did they reached a settlement and Clinton paid her $850,000.  Bill has paid numerous women to silence his “activities” with them over the years.

Juanita Broadderick was a nurse at a private nursing home in Arkansas when Bill was governor and was attending a nursing convention at a hotel where Bill was speaking. He met Juanita and had his picture taken with her. (below) He spoke with her about special funding for senior health facilities. He suggested they meet in her room to discuss the matter which she obliged. Once there they talked for a while and then he surprised her and threw her down on the bed and raped her biting her lip like most rapists do to silence their victims. When he was done he walked out of the room put his sunglasses on and said to her ‘You better put some ice on that” which is now the title of her new book out about the incident.


At least five people saw Bill walk down the stairs of the hotel and about a half hour later they saw Juanita walking down the stairs with her lip swollen and bleeding and her clothes disheveled. Juanita was so traumatized and didn’t want to press charges at the time since Bill was Governor.  Besides, being raped is a very traumatic thing and many women don’t report their rapists. It wasn’t until several years later after Bill was president that Juanita came forth. People doubted her story, but she described the view outside the room and said there was a restaurant and a theater facing the hotel. When authorities checked the restaurant and theater weren’t there, but upon finding a photo of the area at the time it showed a restaurant and theater. When a feminist group heard about the incident their reaction was ‘Well that was a long time ago,” even though it wasn’t as long as Christine Ford’s alleged account about Kavanaugh.

Today Juanita is a brave woman continuing to appeal to the women of the MeToo movement and appearing on TV shows about her book and rape from Bill. Recently Chelsea Clinton was tweeting about believing victims of sexual misconduct and Juanita tweeted back at her, “Chelsea your father raped me. It never goes away.”

Kathleen Willey worked in the Whitehouse when Bill was president and came in to see him to ask for a new position. After a few minutes, he pushed her against the wall and grabbed her breasts and kissed her deeply with his tongue down her throat. She rushed out and shaken up reported it to some feminists women who said, “Well she was dressed provocatively and came onto him” Her cat was killed as a warning to her.


When Monica Lewinsky was testifying before some lawyers during Bill’s impeachment she said when she mentioned to Bill about Paula Jones she said, “Why don’t you just apologize to her like she wants you to?” and he replied, ”I can’t because that will bring on all the others” To which she replied, ”Oh how many can there be?” and he said, “Hundreds.”


As a lawyer, Hillary defended a pedophile-rapist of a 12-year-old girl and laughed about it when she got him off.

So, Hillary, you say we are to believe every woman who reports a sexual misconduct allegation. Look who you are married to, but I guess you know that since you attempted to destroy all the women who came forth which there were many. All you cared about was the power you got from Bill’s position. Rush Limbaugh had it right when he said, “She latched on to someone who was going places, followed him around wherever he went then took over when he got there.”

Now it has been announced that Bill and Hill are teaming up to do all sorts of speaking engagements around the country. They will charge you $700 a ticket. So Hillary and hubby are telling the Dems and the rest of us that they are NOT leaving the political stage. Both of them are opportunists. They see the Dem. 2020 bench as weak and Hillary wants to put her face out there to let people know she’s available. I am convinced she would run again; it’s her life’s ambition to be President. Also, the Clinton Foundation is almost dry. Wealthy donor mover and shakers are no longer contributing since she did not win and cannot dole out favors in pay to play. Thus, the greedy Clintons are on a tour at $700 a head to pad their pockets and, at the same time, let the public know, I’m here and available for 2020. Those in the Democratic party who have sights on running (Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten  Gillibrand, etc.) have to be pulling their hair out over this move by the Clintons. She is stealing their thunder and they’ve got to know it. In addition, in an earlier article today, Clinton criticized the WH Kavanaugh swearing-in as a political rally. Well, she and Bill have rallies planned across the country and think they are so important that you’ll pay $700 to hear their routine. This woman is so delusional and pathetic. You would think she would just quietly fade away, but she will twist anything to fit her narrative. Only liberals would believe her.

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