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Do Only White Americans Have ‘Privilege’?

Contrary to the leftist line of crap currently being distributed in bulk in America, it’s not only whites who have ‘privilege’, as the left likes to call our liberties and opportunities, in this great and unique nation. On a scale including every nation in the world, every American citizen, and even most people who are here illegally as well, has privilege and benefits not related to race or gender, but is dependent on the American constitution and our free-market system.

“Black American privilege” is certainly a better experience than what any black person living in Uganda experiences, and “white female American privilege” has many benefits over a woman living in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Any race or gender is better off living in America than in most other nations of the world.

If it were only whites and males who could enjoy and benefit from life in America, then why are so many non-white and non-male people from all over the world trying so hard to get to America and bask in the privilege we have here?

The next question for anyone really interested in the pleasant life Americans enjoy might well be: Why is America so privileged over all other nations?

The answer is in our free exchange of goods, our approval of making a profit on your skill and for the goods you sell, our flexible employment practices, the American constitution and our justice system, that assumes the innocence of anyone charged with a crime.

Liberals have recently done everything they could to destroy due process and the assumption of innocence, and have long attacked the constitution, and that is why they tried hard to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice. Once liberals get an assured majority in the Supreme Court, their next step will be to gut the constitution, create legislation from the bench and treat all political opponents to liberal policies exactly like they treated Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Supreme Court hearings: anyone who thinks conservatively will be assumed to be guilty of whatever charges they create and the slippery slope will take care of the decision as to their final innocence or guilt.

Democrat candidate Alexandria Cortez has even stated that the Supreme Court is the future for liberals: she stated that when a Democrat becomes president again they will immediately pack the Supreme Court with liberal appointees, and the constitution will be invalidated from that point forward and liberals will rule with an iron fist.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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