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Democrats complain about things the FBI didn’t put in report

Democrats, the media and now the FBI have all tried and failed to find a single person to corroborate claims of sexual misconduct made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Instead of admitting to that failure, Democrats lashed out against the FBI for what they didn’t write in their report.

“My staff and I reviewed the FBI report into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh,” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told reporters. “The most notable part of this report is what’s not in it.”

The Senate Judiciary twitter feed responded almost immediately.

“By ‘what’s not in it,’ Ranking Member @SenFeinstein must be referring to the total lack of corroborating evidence,” the committee posted.

What’s not in the report, according to Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck  Grassley, is any corroboration of allegations made by Ford, Swetnick or Ramirez – the three women claiming to have been attacked by Kavanaugh.

During her comments, Feinstein also complained that they were each only given five minutes to ask questions of Kavanaugh but, according to the committee, that’s what they asked for.

“And, for the record, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats DEMANDED five minutes each,” the committee said in a tweet.

Feinstein and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both refused to take questions from the press likely to avoid any admission of their own failings during the confirmation process.

Democrats’ handling of Kavanaugh has turned sentiment against them just ahead of the November midterm elections. Their morally-bankrupt treatment of the Supreme Court nominee has ignited the Republican base and their failure to obstruct his nomination is tamping enthusiasm among their supporters.

Democrats are expected to continue bashing Kavanaugh, the FBI and anyone else who wants a fair process through which nominees are heard and voted upon. They have already promised to impeach Kavanaugh if he is confirmed which may well become the rallying cry for Republicans and conservatives who will go to the polls to protect his seat on the court.

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  1. Republican Precinct Captain to Democrat State Senate Candidate; “What is it that scares you the most about Republicans?”

    Democrat State Senate Candidate response; “Religion”. (Christianity; of the Anointing)

    Sometimes democrats tell the truth. Having said, let the Truth tell them; All false witnesses shall be punished and all liars shall be destroyed. One cannot step off of the cliff and not expect to fall; watch and see.

  2. Next??? By Monday they will be issued their new ‘sound bytes’ and once again be willing to resemble their national symbol..Never have I in eight decades seen so many whose greed has motivated them to be willing to submit to public humiliation…..guess some don’t mind handling money that has been washed in the toilet.

    Re: Democrat Candidate’s answer…..He’s right !!! An army marching in the armor of faith is unbeatable.

    Help pull the plug….VOTE

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