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Who Is The Anonymous NYT Author? Perhaps The NYT?

Maybe I missed it in the fake news line of lies somewhere. In all of the speculation about who, allegedly on the White House staff, wrote the anonymous Trump attack piece published in the New York Times OP-ED section last week, I would bet it’s just another in a long line of leftist lies aimed at hurting President Trump and his re-establishment of liberty and prosperity in America.

If the source is determined to be a person on the Trump staff and not a piece of fiction from NYT liberals, then at least it demonstrates that Trump was willing to give a person not fully on his side a chance to work in the administration, something you would never see from an Obama or a Clinton administration. All liberal rulers insist on complete subservience to their divisive, destructive policies, or you-know-what will happen to them. To that end there are stacks of liberals sitting around waiting for a government job and the chance to “Fundamentally Transform America” who are willing to subvert a conservative administration or dutifully serve a Democrat president, whereas Republicans are too busy working in the private sphere of business, seeking real accomplishment in private industry, and consider it to be a waste of time to seek or accept government work. This means there are few conservative people available for Trump to call on to serve on his staff, so he had to take a second choice for some position, and this less-than-conservative choice decided that his/her leftist ideas should prevail over the ideas of a duly elected Trump, and this person deceived and lied to his/her employer, the president of the United States. If it should be determined that this anonymous author had access to classified information while serving the president, he/she must be tried and imprisoned for their crime.

Given that the NYT OP-ED article admitted that most of what President Trump has done is good and is beneficial to Americans, exactly what was it that the author of the article thought was so bad about Trump policies, and what exactly were the bad things that he/she was able to stop?

Given the outrageous statements of liberals and leftist politicians lately, with their total opposition to anything President Trump wants to do, it seems certain that the OP-ED author surely tried to ban ICE from enforcing duly passed immigration laws; to halt the recently passed tax relief bill; to fully re-establish the unconstitutional Obamacare; to back away from denuclearization talks with North Korea; to allow Iran to continue to develop a nuke and a delivery missile; to enact more job-killing regulations on businesses in America; to prevent the building of a wall along our southern border. All of these things are counter to Trump policies, so the author must have thought that blocking each of Trump’s initiatives would be a good idea.

So where are the specifics of the great anti-Trump things the author was able to do that he/she thinks is so great? Anyone who has the ability to think independently and logically knows that everything President Trump has proposed since becoming President is a GOOD thing and is in keeping with his campaign promises, so anything the author proposed that was contrary to what the president wants, must be bad. This also makes the author bad, so the more we learn about this individual, the better.

In 2018 and 2020 the American people will get the chance to state clearly whose side they’re on, Trump’s or the subversive OP-ED writer, and I’ll bet that the ideas and policies of Donald Trump win in both elections.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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