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Obama Goes From: No Economic Growth Possible, To: I Built That!

One may recall the Obama statement, during his stagnant eight years of idly occupying the Oval Office, that the “new economy” which followed the downturn in 2008, will never replace the growth years of Reagan and Clinton and can’t possibly grow at a rate greater than one to two percent a year. Well the widely declaimed and insulted Donald Trump proved the fool Obama wrong.

And now our savior Obama has arisen again to assure us that President Trump is only taking credit for his, Obama’s, great economy, which The One said could never grow again and would languish forever at low- to no-growth, because manufacturing jobs will never come back since there’s no demand for them in these post-industrial years.

But the truth is that either Obama didn’t want economic growth, but preferred a growing dependence on hand-outs and welfare from big government, or he simply was too lazy and too liberal-left dumb to know what to do to create economic growth. Probably Obama was both lazy and dumb.

But Donald Trump had both the energy to spur the economy and the knowledge of what to do to reverse the suffering of the American people and get the economy running again. After he reversed Obama’s job-killing regulations, and got rid of the Paris accords, and began defeating ISIS, and lowered taxes, and spoke well of industry and its importance to the economic welfare of all Americans, and began to re-negotiate trade deals with each major trading partner we have in the world, things that the lug-headed Obama would never have done even if he understood their value to Americans, we had a miraculous increase in employment statistics that Obama is now taking credit for.

Obama is back on the campaign trail again attempting a comeback to stardom as the only Democrat left standing since Trump became president, and is using cheap theater to appear attractive and enthusiastic. During a speech one might notice Obama’s alternation between a bobble-head and a freeze-frame style of delivery, while employing a cynical smirk as a facial feature. This phony attempt at gaining support for a range of old-style, Democrat, big-government, unconstitutional, anti-police, job-killing policies will never hold up against the straight-forward, humorous, truthful speeches in front of thousands of enthusiastic admirers that President Trump has been delivering the last few weeks.

Old bobble-head Obama is powerless without his “phone and pen”, which method of leading was a bad idea when he was in office, and is the reason his failing policies were so easily reversed by our real president, Donald Trump.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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