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Lindsey Graham Calls Christine Ford’s Alleged Assaulter ‘Crazy As A Loon’


by Nick Givas

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said a man who claimed to have been involved in assaulting Christine Blasey Ford is as “crazy as a loon,” on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Wednesday night it was reported two different men came forward to admit they were apart of an assault on Ford and said Kavanaugh may be caught up in a case of mistaken identity, according to Fox News. Graham only cited one of the men, but said he wasn’t buying his story.

“I know one of the people came forward, said it was me, not Kavanaugh. We’re truly are in the twilight zone. That guy’s crazy as a loon. I won’t mention his name. I’m not looking for somebody to take this burden off my shoulder,” Graham said.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade wanted clarification on Graham’s comments and asked the senator if the man in question is actually crazy.

“The one that I’ve heard about I think is not reliable,” Graham replied. “I’m not looking for somebody to take this burden off my shoulder. I’m not looking to believe the unbelievable. I’m going to use a system that I am comfortable with. It’s called will of law. And you could not get a warrant, much less a conviction based on these allegations.”

Graham then called out NBC News for publishing an anonymous letter detailing a fourth allegation against Kavanaugh and said they would never go to such lengths to derail a Democratic nominee.

“The fourth allegation was an anonymous letter that was reported by NBC News,” he continued. “Here’s what I can tell you about NBC News, they would never report an anonymous accusation against a Democratic nominee. Journalistic integrity has been destroyed when it comes to [President Donald] Trump and his nominees. I hope my Republican colleagues can see through this.”

“No reasonable person continues to go to parties where rape and drugs are present. That makes no sense. Brett Kavanaugh is not a serial rapist, look to his life and it will give you the answer that you need,” Graham concluded. “He’s a good man who’s well-qualified to be on the court and he’s being savaged for political reasons and I hope the Republican Party will push back and some Democrats will be fair.”

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