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Former Interim ICE Director Tom Homan Tells GOP To Forget About November And ‘Do The Right Thing’ By Building Border Wall


by Nick Givas

The former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Tom Homan, told Republicans to forget about the midterm elections and urged them to secure the southern border with a wall.

“Every place they have put a wall up or a barrier it has worked — 100 percent of the time,” Homan said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.”

“Not some of the time, every time they put a barrier up, illegal crossings have dropped,” he said. “Why would we want the wall? But the far left media is pushing a false story to the American people.”

Homan was asked about the Republican Congress’ lack of action on border security and he said it irritates him to see politicians put their personal ambitions above the needs of their constituency.

“They know it works. I get frustrated with the Democrats because none of them want the wall, right. They all want sanctuary cities to keep illegal aliens in, but they don’t want to a wall to keep them out, which I think is completely backwards,” he continued.

Homan told Republicans to forget their standing in the polls and focus on getting the wall built.

“These people have taken an oath to defend this nation and they’re supposed to be working for their constituency,” he said. “The wall is proven to work. They should support it and put their political ambitions aside. Stop worrying about November and do the right thing for this country.”

“It’s just not about the wall either,” Homan concluded. “They need the technology and the manpower to respond to the wall.”

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