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Creating a Safe Space for Discussion on your Blog

Blogs can be extremely personal and often share meaningful views on specific topics. This is a great way to spark interaction with readers. This also means that emotions may run high when sensitive topics are mentioned. Politics, parenting, and religion often bring out passionate views. When you have a mature reader base, interactions in comments and your linked social media can remain civil. However, there are often people that go over the line with their words when they feel strongly about something. You do not want readers to feel attacked on your blog. There are a few things you can do to keep the atmosphere positive.

Safe Space on Blogs


It is important that you remain true to your beliefs when adding content to your blog. After all, this is site you have built because you care about the subject matter. You are also likely to get many like-minded readers when you post meaningful content. You never know who may give your page a glance, however. Unless you are actively trying to spark a debate, you can create a safe atmosphere by presenting your content in a positive way. Even controversial subjects can be tactfully approached when you are careful with your words. You can do this by refraining form using negative language, being respectful of other views, and presenting many facts. You can easily focus on an important view without demeaning those that oppose it. Learn more about content when you begin to research how to start a blog.

Stay Active

Once you post content, check back in to see what your readers are saying. You have control of the blog. If you absolutely must, you can remove individuals that start trouble. If you see that dialogue is headed in the wrong direction, jump in and add a comment or two to redirect. A reminder post to keep is civil is also acceptable. Engage your readers through social media, as well. This can give you easy access to notifications and comments.

It is important that you stay active on your blog to keep it running the way you prefer. You can use your posts to spark positive conversations, as well. Invite readers to share specific information instead of leaving them to their own devices. For example, you can ask for personal experience pertaining to the subject matter. People often enjoy sharing. Respond to posts to create an empathetic and caring atmosphere.

Mix it Up

If you see that emotions are running high and readers are becoming irritable, you may need to take a little break from the serious content. Designate one day a week for more light-hearted conversation. You can use this as a time to share more about your personal life or invite readers to do the same. People tend to be more tolerant of each other when they know each other better. It is easy to get on the internet and leave a rude comment when you never have to see the other people in person. Incorporate a story about your family life, pets, or job experience and invite others to join in. This can help to create a bonded community on your blog, lessening the risk of inappropriate and negative conversation.

Most people start a blog because a certain topic is meaningful to them. There is likely to be some emotion that goes into this endeavour. It is important, however, that you present content in a positive way. Reader’s comments can easily get out of control when they are passionate about a subject. Stay active on your site and social media sites so you can catch inappropriate behaviour immediately. Everyone needs a break from serious topics, at times. Spend a day offering lighter content and getting to your readers. Intense subjects can still be presented in a civil way.

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