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The Left Gives, And The Left Takes Away

The American left gave us identity politics during the Obama administration, and now they are attempting to remove all traces of this failed, divisive policy, and here’s why:

Donald Trump’s economic policies have improved the lives of all Americans, both those who voted for Hillary and those who voted for him. President Trump is proud of this unprejudiced gain that he was able to put in place, and he frequently boasts about the rate of unemployment for blacks and Hispanics being the lowest in recorded unemployment history, because he wants the best of all things for every American, not just his voters.

All of a sudden, Democrats are back on the campaign trail, back-pedaling on their identity schemes that they thought would get them elected in 2016, as the voting populace was broken into segments and classes that could be appealed to in private groups where promises for each group’s demands could be made in exchange for their vote. But the success of President Trump in benefiting the lives of all Americans regardless of class or identity, and his victory in the 2016 election, have made Democrats admit that their divisive politics is a failure.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Democrats to the Republican idea of a real, fair election by appealing to all voters equally and openly, and hopefully, they will play the game straight and keep their old politics of division in the past.

But Republicans have been put on warning that if they refer to the old Democrat idea of division-by-identity, that those Republicans will be labeled as racists and haters by the new Democrat party. So it’s OK for Democrats to divide Americans into voting blocks, but if Republicans make citizens aware of this division, they will be punished. I would advise any Republican politician to go pedal to the metal and do what Democrats command them to not do: mention and condemn identity politics at every opportunity; the Democrats are now admitting that the idea is a failure that could hurt them, so let‘s use it against them as fully as possible.

Now Democrats are reversing their campaign schemes and at least seem to be saying that they will propose policies that will benefit every American, to include the “abominables” that Hillary so abhorred in the 2016 election. But I’m watching to see just how long Democrats can go without calling a Republican a racist or a sexist or a homophobe, and how long it takes them to divide an audience into identify interest groups and direct promises to each group depending on their self-proclaimed identity.

Old habits are hard to break, and new skills are hard to learn, so plan on seeing revisions to Democrats’ old ways of dividing America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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