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Medium – New Mouthpiece of the Hyper-Leftist

Not too long ago, a new “media” platform emerged on the Internet. Medium promised to be something of an equalizer for new media writers. Someone who takes the art of communication seriously – but lacked the indoctrination certificate of the ideologically-bent journalism schools – would have the chance to make a go of it as a reporter. But just like anything that shows even a modicum of promise where the information sphere is concerned, Medium has fallen victim to the Left.

A list of recent article titles says it all:

  • If You Think Socialism’s Unaffordable, You Don’t Understand Capitalism
  • The Quislings of the American Collapse
  • As QAnon Goes Mainstream, Trump’s Rallies Are Turning Darker
  • Fearing a Trump Return to Torture, Psychologists Keep Ban at Guantanamo
  • If You Want More Capitalism You Should Want More Socialism
  • Evangelicals, Catholics Attack LGBTQ Children
  • Selling the Idea of Empire to Americans
  • Can White Liberalism Save America
  • Protests Are Not Enough. The Trump Resistance Needs Money.
  • The Ethical Collapse at the End of Capitalism

It goes on and on for as far back as you care to stomach it.

First, it needs to be said (as if the aware don’t already know) that Capitalism is under attack by the Progressive Left in the United States. Ever since the election of Barack Obama, Progressives have believed they had the “goal line” in sight. They saw – and rightly so, a dysfunctional Republican Party leading a fractured Conservative Movement far behind them on the race to the finish line. The prize at the end of this finish line: transforming the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Democracy. Progressives were racing for the goal line while the Right seemed to not even know what game was being played.

But Progressives misjudged their time “came out,” racing for the goal line thinking victory was at hand. Then the country swung back to the center from its misguided surge to the ideological Left.

The intellectual argument in If You Think Socialism’s Unaffordable, You Don’t Understand Capitalism, represents the still Progressive wing that still believes the country can be duped into believing the false promises of Socialism. The argument in the article not only doesn’t hold water, it is arrogant in its simplistic view of Capitalism. To wit:

“Yet in America, the prices of all the basics of a good life…have risen by hundreds or thousands of percent. Perhaps you think I exaggerate. Very, well, let’s review the evidence. Healthcare has risen by two thousand percent. The price of education has gone up by 1000%. Food, 300%. Rent and house prices, 400%. Childcare, 500%. Those are all conservative estimate, too, from what I reckon…

“…Predatory capitalism. In industry after industry, consolidation has been the norm. Huge monopolies have been built. Those monopolies have raised prices relentlessly every year, because that is what monopolies do — because capitalism demands rising profits, no matter what the cost to human beings is….”

“How are Americans overpaying? Obviously, there’s the direct cost — they’re broke! But then there are the indirect costs, too — the “opportunity costs”, as Americans say. Americans live five years less than Europeans. The suicide rate is skyrocketing. They don’t trust their institutions or their society. Their kids can’t afford to move out. Mistrust, despair, loneliness, rage, futility, depression — right up to life itself. These are costs, too, that American pay predatory capitalism. They are massively overpaying capitalism for the basics of life, not just with money, but with their potential — their time, energy, minds, bodies, and lives…”

“Socialism” — minor-league social democracy — just as in every other rich country, will lower the prices of the basics of life massively, systemically, and permanently. It reduces the price of all the basics of life, which American faces severe eudaimonic hyperinflation for now because capitalism keeps jacking it up…”

A cursory look at every pure Socialist Democracy proves all of this to be a load of horse shit. Venezuela, Greece, Cuba (a Communist country masquerading as a Socialist Democracy) and the usual suspect despot nations in Central and South America and Africa, prove beyond doubt in their economic demises that Socialist Democracies always – and without fail – crash into full-blown Communism or the economic upheaval of revolution; their people crushed beneath the jackboot heel of poverty and oppression.

Capitalism, on the other hand, is the only economic system – in the history of mankind – to create a Middle Class. In Socialism, Communism, Oligarchies, and Monarchies there are only the “haves” and the “have-nots.” Capitalism, even at its most flawed (yes, even with predatory Capitalism and the disingenuousness of monopolies like Google and Facebook), is a system of opportunity where one can work to elevate his or her financial situation; thus the absence of serfs and lords, and a Middle Class that spans the economies.

Perhaps what Medium should do, if the powers that be there want to salvage their publication from the jaws of the propaganda monster, is to explain why colleges (who get federal and state tax dollars, donations from Alumni and corporate America, grants from philanthropic organizations, and who still charge outrageous tuitions) are turning out liver-damaged and indoctrinated masses of uselessness at every graduation. Maybe Medium should talk about some of the shocking salaries and benefits unions force employers to pay to employees thus forcing the cost of food and housing through the rhetorical ceiling. And childcare? How about making it easier to have a one-income family so that a parent – rather than a village idiot (read: Hillary Clinton and her ilk) – can raise a child?

These are topics that should be explored by the new media (the mainstream media is too far gone to have credibility in discussing these issues), but Left-leaning and Progressive propagandists – like those who make the decisions at Medium – are more interested in social engineering and ideological indoctrination than the truth about society and economics.

Until there are people with spines enough to speak without fear; to jettison political correctness and have the courage to brand an idiot an idiot, we are doomed.

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Frank Salvato

You can read all of Mr. Salvato's news analysis at UndergroundUSA.com Frank Salvato is the executive partner at The CompassPoint Group, LLC. He is the host of The Underground and RightMinded podcasts as heard on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, and anywhere podcasts are heard. He is a national political writer for National File. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His analysis has been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times, and Accuracy in Media, and is nationally syndicated. Mr. Salvato appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is the author of six books examining internal and external threats facing our country. He can be heard twice weekly on “The Captain’s America: Third Watch” radio program syndicated nationally on the Salem Broadcasting Network and Genesis Communications affiliate stations.

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  1. Propaganda is the antecedent of unbiased knowledge and factual information. BE informed!!

    Inflation isn’t caused by “capitalism”. BTW Capitalism is not money! Capitalism the PROCESS of turning productivity into money and good capitalism invests that money BACK into productivity.

    Inflation is caused by the Federal Reserve who’s founders deliberately intended to steal the wealth of the middle class by this Heinous institution. Their PRIMARY PRODUCT is DEBT!!! Yup – the non government Federal Reserve sells Debt to the United States and has since 1913. SPECIFICALLY to control inflation. THAT was and is their STATED goal.

    This quote is taken from “The New American” magazine “…put simply, the mechanism by which the Fed and all modern central banks operate is the ability to convert debt into money.”

    [They are successful at it largely because they have hidden this fact from the public!]

    “In September 1941, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve Marriner Eccles was testifying before a befuddled House Committee on Banking and Currency … the following revealing exchange took place between Eccles and Congressman Wright Patman, the committee chairman, in response to Patman’s inquiry as to where the Fed had obtained $2 Billion to purchase government bonds in 1933:

    Eccles: We created it.
    Patman: Out of what?
    Eccles: Out of the right to issue credit money. [!!!! – perversion of the term “right”. This is unmitigated THEFT – !!!!]
    Patman: and there is nothing behind it, is there, except our government’s credit?
    Eccles: That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system there wouldn’t be any money”

    – Charles Scaliger, “The New American” July 23, 2018

    Before the Federal Reserve, money was Gold and Silver. There is always a limited supply of these and they provide – as the founders intended – a natural limitation on how much government can grow. The Silver Crash of 1893 and other money crisis of the 1890s demonstrated that to the Federal Government and Progressives became motivate to find a way around this limitation. Furthermore Progressive Thieves devised a way to become unbelievably rich and globally powerful by creating fiat cash out of thin air. It is both a means of stealing all of the real money – gold and silver – from every nation on earth and a harness of ultimate control!!

    The Federal Reserve and all of the Central Banks – in concert – created the Great Depression. They continue to control inflation – very mindful and deliberately – to this very day

    And little piss-ants like Medium are self aggrandizing, simpleton fools who are talking out their a$$!!!

  2. “Capitalism” prosperity relies on individuals that use logic and ‘think’ ….and are actually willing and capable of working towards a goal.

    On the other hand, The Socialist power brokers rely on ignorance and laziness that believe anyone that offer free ‘stuff’

    Frank….aren’t you starting to provide an alternative to this ‘medium’ platform? You and ‘Basic’ do so much for our nation and we need more of you

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