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The Boring, Repetitive, Eternal Complaints Of The Left Are A Yawn

Each and every day we hear a new litany of complaints from liberal Democrats about how terrible life is in America under the Presidency of Donald Trump and about how terrible Republicans are.

As an example of the tripe coming from Democrat mouths, on a typical Monday we may hear about the destruction of the world via a warming/change cycle, which no one can see any evidence of. On a typical Tuesday it’s the Russian collusion lie for which no evidence has been found in over a year of intense investigation. On Wednesday it may be the imaginary, vicious yanking of children from their mother’s arms along our southern border, which is a made-up charge by the angry left. On Thursday it’s the evil “gun” that threatens to murder everyone in the nation, all by itself. On Friday it’s the alleged unlawful deeds that ICE commits that requires this organization’s removal from the American law-enforcing scene, even though the actions of ICE eliminate many bad people from American streets and whose acts are completely legal. On a typical Saturday it’s the alleged caging and imprisoning of small children (all of which was actually done under the Obama administration) along our southern border, which has liberals’ knickers in a twist. On Sunday it’s Russia stealing the 2016 election for Trump, even though our hero Obama himself, on several occasions, said such a thing was, at the time, not happening and could not happen under his stern watch.

Then the next Monday liberals may complain about Trump’s delaying of joint military maneuvers with South Korea, a tactic initiated by President Trump in order to show good faith to North Korea as part of a denuclearization effort, and the liberals, for the first time in 50 years, may cry that this delay is weakening our military preparedness against the newly-evil North Korea. Then on the next Tuesday the American left, who applaud any rogue nation in the world who burns an American flag, shed tears about Trump’s allowing the North Korean flag to be displayed on a equal basis with the American flag as Trump met with Kim Jong-un for denuclearization talks. And next Wednesday Nancy Pelosi may well claim that the murderous gang members of MS13 have a “spark of divinity” when they rape and cut up a young girl they don’t like. And on, and on….

Instead of being thankful that our nation is wealthy and that our economy is booming under Trump, and instead of being thankful that their children are healthy and well fed, liberals feel required to daily register lying complaints about how terrible life is under the Trump administration and how uncivil America has become this last year, even though liberals are then ones who have created the incivility.

But if one wants to discuss incivility in America, one would have to look at Hillary’s use of labor union members and homeless thugs to beat and intimidate Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign. And don’t forget the Black Lives Matter chants to kill police officers as they marched in New York City. Then there’s Kathy Griffin who displayed the severed head of our president as part of her unique “humor”. And who could forget Auntie Maxine Waters and her violent harangue to punish anyone who supports the Presidency of Donald Trump? And the left is trying to interfere with law enforcement by encouraging the tracking down of children of ICE agents and getting angry, and probably violent, with them.

The American political left, like all leftist, socialist regimes in the world, has been consumed with violence as a way to oppose President Trump, and when Trump appoints another conservative to the Supreme Court next Monday, expect a new wave of anti-Trump and anti-American violence from our former patriotic fellow-citizens on the political left.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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