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Rush Limbaugh: Elections Are the Only Thing Standing in the Left’s Way

On his nationally syndicated radio program Wednesday, host Rush Limbaugh said that it’s becoming clear to the left that the only thing standing in their way now is elections, adding the biggest problem the left has right now is they’re losing elections.

Discussing the left’s lack of desire to even try and understand who these Trump supporters are and why they voted for Trump and even further the contempt towards his supporters the left has Limbaugh, said, “It’s a long, long-term prediction. This is nothing rooted in any particular conspiracy theory I’ve heard, because I don’t ascribe to those. But it is becoming clear… Believe me; do not doubt me on this. It’s becoming clear to the left that the only thing standing in their way now is elections.”

Rush claimed this is based on the lefts perverted worldview:

“But I’m telling you that they’re gonna start thinking this way because in their perverted worldview, the biggest problem they have right now is they’re losing elections. And their way of thinking is, “Well, we got a get rid of elections then.” If elections are the problem, rather than figuring how to win ’em since that’s becoming problematic for ’em, “We just gotta find a way to get rid of ’em.” Do not laugh. This may happen some years down the road long after we’re all gone, and I hope somebody remembers that this was uttered as a potential possibility way back when in the early 2000s.”

“What do you think open borders, mass amnesty is about,” said Rush.” Rush continued, “If American citizens won’t vote for you, then make sure a bunch of people get into the country who will.”

These people have such an entitlement and quest for power that leaving it up to public opinion among a bunch of dolts and uninformed, uneducated hicks? That’s not gonna happen,” added Rush.


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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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