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Rush: If Democrats win, you’ll never hear another word about tainted elections

On his nationally syndicated radio program Thursday, host Rush Limbaugh said, “If the Democrats win, you’ll never hear a word about tainted elections.

Discussing Russian hacking and recent Democrats attempts to delegitimize President Trump by drumming up the Russia collusion narrative, Rush Limbaugh said, “If the Democrats win, everything’s gonna be fine, you’ll never hear a word about tainted elections.”

Additionally, Rush Limbaugh claimed the left is undermining the legitimacy of elections arguing Democrats are trying to disqualify the Trump presidency.

“You know, in addition to all of the stuff going on that the Democrats are trying to do to paralyze Trump and his presidency and to disqualify it, to cast aspersions and clouds over it, and in the process really do great damage to the overall integrity, do you realize, as far as many Americans are concerned, every election going forward is now gonna be tainted, depending on who wins and loses it,” said Limbaugh.

You can view a full transcript from Thursday below:

“If the Democrats win, everything’s gonna be fine, you’ll never hear a word about tainted elections. In fact, the next time the Democrats win the House or win the Senate, you’re probably gonna hear “Yeah, the Russians were still trying to help the Republicans, but we found out about it this time, and we were able to overcome it. And the Russians are gonna be trying in every election. But we Democrats have found a way to beat ’em back. Vote for us. We can control the Russians. We’re not in bed with ’em,” blah, blah.

“The other possibility is that the Democrats win an election then that’s gonna be it; there won’t be any talk of the Russians meddling or colluding whatsoever. We won’t even hear a word about it. But when they lose, when they lose, it can’t be because they have been rejected by voters. No, there has to be some nefarious reason. There has to be tampering. There has to be meddling. There has to be collusion. And in the process, they have done a great job of making so many millions of Americans question the integrity of elections now.

“And of course when you add up the number of brain-dead mind-numbed robots that are the Democrat base who will just repeat like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez running around talking about the Israelis occupying the Palestinians. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She just hears Israel, occupy, settlements. She has no idea. She has no clue. She responds to cliches and slogans and considers it to be knowledge. And she’s apparently one of the smart ones.”

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Brady Kenyon

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