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Ocasio-Cortez’s Position on Israel Proves Socialism’s Vacancy

Informed Americans will fondly recall last week’s major flub by the new Democrat party savior, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, when she became all indignant about Israel’s “occupation” of Palestine. And when pressed for more information she doubled down on her idiotic, leftist accusations of the Jewish state, blaming Israel for the suffering of Arabs, and then finally admitted that she knew nothing about the subject.

This is typical of Socialists like Ms. Cortez and her fellow-traveler, Senator Bernie Sanders. They live comfortable-to-luxurious lives and yet shed tears over how tough life is and how the very source of their wealth, capitalism, should be destroyed and outlawed, and express totally idiotic ideas of how the world works with no understanding or knowledge of reality.

Socialists generate handy phrases not based on anything real, and then dispense those phrases at every opportunity, getting the ignorant on-board for making changes and introducing policies that will only make their miserable lives even worse. That’s why Socialism is and always has been a failure: the ruler’s half-baked ideas, made mandatory for all citizens, are all wrong, and power is concentrated into a few ruthless hands who will force their failing ideas to the point of disaster, and only their followers will suffer.

The Democrat party is literally crumbling with people like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as the shining lights of the party, and many thinking, older Democrats from yesteryear will vote elsewhere when the full stupidity of their Democrat/Socialist ideas are discussed and understood.

I wonder if Ms. Cortez’s opinion of Israel has changed since she made her blunder; surely someone on her staff has told her the truth about the Jews and the Arabs, but I’ll bet the only change to her anti-Israel harangue would be to drop the “occupation” charge and continue blaming Israel for being dictators and persecutors of the Palestinians. Once ignorant people like our Socialists develop a stance, they let nothing stand in the way of abusing the subject of their hate; they just re-arrange the verbiage and launch the same attack using different words after they‘ve been proven wrong after the initial, misguided attack.

Socialists are so completely invested in their failed ideas of nirvana that they are unable to learn the truth of how people prosper and what makes a society a failure, leaving starving people at risk of death, like Venezuela, which is currently in a state of total collapse, disproving everything the Democrat socialists are preaching but fail to see.

As radio talk show host Chris Plante said recently: Communists and Socialists are unique at being 100 percent and absolutely certain about everything they espouse, but they’re 100 percent wrong every time.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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