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Lou Dobbs Slams the Special Counsel Investigation: ‘the Hell With Mueller’

Fox Business’ host Lou Dobbs attacked the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller on Monday, accusing  Mueller of going on a “jihad” against President Donald Trump. “The hell with Mueller,” said Dobbs. “This is not a game,” argued Dobbs further during an interview with former Deputy Attorney General Tom Dupree.

“The hell with Mueller! Tom, the hell with what he wants! This is not a game! This is the President of the United States. This nation deserves full-time leadership and no further effort to subvert, to overthrow the presidency of Donald J. Trump. It’s ignorant and it’s stupid beyond belief that our ideologically committed left-wing national media can’t even bring itself to be honest about what is happening every day in front of them and indeed the country,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs additionally accused Mueller of going on an “ideologically inspired jihad” against Trump as he leads the Russia probe.

“Yeah, and this has been going on for some time, this appeal to the court of public opinion, because the special counsel is leaking left and right, behaving like nothing so much as a prosecutor, he is more, if you will, you know — he’s on a jihad of some sort, and it is an ideologically inspired jihad,”  said Dobbs.

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