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Gingrich: ‘Trump Is Tougher on Russia Than Obama Ever Dreamed’

“By any standard Trump is tougher on Russian than Obama ever dreamed of,” said former Speaker of the House and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on Thursday.

Appearing on Fox News to discuss the recent Helsinki summit, Newt Gingerich said, “By any standard Trump is tougher on Russian than Obama ever dreamed off. He’s expelled 60 Russian agents from the country, he’s closed four Russian offices, he’s imposed sanctions on over a hundred Russian individuals and companies. He has provided offensive weapons to the Ukrainians which Obama always refused to do. So when you go down the list of actions Trump has been much tougher on Russia.”

Gingerich also criticized several key Obama administration officials claiming all these guys failed and now they are trying to get us to look at Trump instead of looking at them.

“The Obama people who have been the harshest, Brennan for example, who used the word traitor or treason, Jim Clapper who was the Director of National Intelligence, Comey who basically said nobody can vote Republican and be a patriot. All these guys failed, they were the ones responsible in 16, not Donald J Trump he was a candidate. They are in charge of our national security, they failed and they’re now hysterical in trying to get us to look at Trump rather than look at them. It was their failure they didn’t do their job and I think whatever the Russians got away with was because of the weakness of the Obama administration, ” said Gingrich.

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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