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The Party Of Tolerance And Diversity Is Neither Of These Things

Based on the recent violent actions and words of the radical liberals in the Democrat party, here are some of the likely valuable principles that the DNC will run on in future elections:

* If you disagree with President Trump’s elimination of transgender people from the American military, you can kick Republicans out of your restaurant.

* If you don’t like President Trump’s treatment of immigrants trying to enter America illegally, and forgetting that Trump is following the same laws that Obama pretended to follow in previous years, you can harass Republicans in any restaurant they enter.

* If you disagree with President Trump’s immigration policy, you can stand outside the homes of all Republicans and shout insults and obscenities at them all night long.

* If you disagree with President Trump’s immigration policy, you can scream at and insult Republicans in public and keep them out of any movie theater in the nation.

* If you don’t agree with the legislation passed by Congress concerning immigration law, you can harass ICE agents and seek out the agents’ children and harass them at their schools.

* If you disagree with President Trump’s position on anything, you can threaten his son with homosexual rape and get away with it.

* If you ask a cake-maker or a pizza shop owner to do something contrary to their ethics and religion and if they decide to not do the work, you want done, you can sue them and ruin them financially

If you think that liberals, who are currently powerless at the federal level yet still make demands of private citizens and private business owners, and do violent, unconstitutional and unethical things, just wait until these radical fools get power back and take over the White House or Congress, and you’ll see an unleashing of federal power and punishment of their political rivals that will make Stalin and Hitler envious.

Since Donald Trump has been elected, we’ve learned that the Obama Administration used the FBI and the DOJ to undermine the law, and at times used false documents, generated and paid for by the Hillary campaign, that were potentially damaging to Donald Trump and his campaign. And don’t doubt that the left will continue to use the tactics of violence, intimidation and harassment, and employ the power of the IRS and the FBI, against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

One has only to recall the Lois Lerner scandal and how the IRS denied rights to Republicans that Democrats were freely granted and benefited from to understand the threat the Democrat party offers our nation.

The future of America is one of political harassment, public abuse and official prosecution of Democrat opponents if the Democrat party gains power again. Democrats and Socialists must be defeated and unseated from all political offices, period.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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