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Elitist, Leftist NYT Columnist Expresses Immature, High School-Girl Adoration For Obama

On June 2nd columnist Maureen Dowd, of The New York Times, wrote a sappy, slurpy, teenage-girl piece in adoration of Barack Obama and his basically unconstitutional presidency. She praised Obama for his brilliance and claimed that he was too smart for we American plebes, who believe in limited government and a constitutionally defined and controlled presidency.

No one would doubt the intelligence of Barack Obama, although I would also add Ronald Regan and Donald Trump to any list of smart presidents, but intelligence does not make a person good, nor does it make one a wise leader. Barack Obama was a conceited, big government, upper class, liberal progressive who was certain that he was wiser than anyone else living in the swamp, and the liberal press repeatedly and always confirmed this impression he had of himself, and he insisted on running his administration with no reference to the constitution as a guide to keep him on track and legal.

In her article, order to describe her adoration for Obama, columnist Down used descriptive phrases such as: “the glory days of 2008”; “honest and cool and modern”; “his amazing awesomeness”; and “we were constantly disappointing him”. What in the hell does any of Dowd’s fawning words have to do with running a government and protecting a nation from attack?

And of course, being a liberal, the author was unable to keep from mentioning Obama’s race at least six times during her rant of adoration, as if skin color makes someone wise and adds to their ability to run a government. Liberals, progressives, the press and Democrats, in general, have gone completely off their perches with the loss of the presidency to Donald Trump and the reversal of all of the “awesome” and “cool” things Obama did in eight years in the Oval Office.

The stupid, racist and leftist pap of Ms. Dowd’s article had the title of “Obama: Just Too Good For Us“. So, knowing this in advance, you should be able to bolster your sensibilities and prepare your intelligence against her worthless words, should you be unfortunate enough to read her article.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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