Democrats, Who Attack Traditional America At Every Opportunity, Suddenly Defend American Tradition

Patriotic Americans watch in awe at the negative twist that American liberals put on anything the American constitution or existing law dictate be done. Liberals place an equally negative twist on anything and everything President Trump does and says. Here are a few recent complaints that liberals have registered as President Trump attempts to defend America and protect the citizens of this nation, along with the pretend-patriotic twist that liberals use to oppose our president:

1) The American flag can be burned by any third-world fool in any nation that is suffering in the poverty created by anti-American, Socialist dictators, and multi-millionaire football players can “take a knee” during the flag ceremony and the playing of the national anthem to complain about circumstances far removed from the game of football and the American left is fine with that form of disrespect for our flag, but when Donald Trump met with Kim Jong-un in an attempt to halt North Korea’s nuclear development, the American leftist press and all of the leftist media fools pretended outrage that the North Korean flag was displayed on a equal basis with the American flag and said that President Trump was disrespecting the flag with this display. Selective, anti-Trump patriotism is the only patriotism these idiot liberals can put forth.

2) The condition of our military and America’s readiness to defend itself, with a fully financed and equipped military, is low on the list of Democrat priorities. But when President Trump halted planned joint military maneuvers with American and South Korean forces in order to further his denuclearization plans with North Korea, the American left wailed and moaned that cancelling the joint maneuvers would reduce out readiness and our military preparedness to face a foreign foe, like Kim Jong-un, and they of course criticized our president for the meeting with Kim and for achieving something no former president even tried to do, that brings greater safety and security to the world.

3) The American left hates Israel and all it stands for, and has had no problem with dictatorial nations like Cuba and North Korea being represented and having anti-Israel influence on the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is totally anti-Israel in both word and deed. In fact the Obama administration hated Israel so much it sent representatives to Israel to campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu in the last Israeli election. But when the Trump administration resigned in protest from the phony, anti-liberty U. N. Human rights Council, the American left began crying about there being no representative nation remaining on the council to defend Israel against foreign criticism within the United Nations. This is the first time I’ve any liberal speak in defense of Israel, and it was intended to subvert the truth and put President Trump in a bad light.

4) The Democrat party has become not only unhinged, but absolutely violently unhinged, about the separation of children from adult invaders along our southern border, even though this process is logical and legal and has been approved by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But forgotten in the liberal outrage is that the Obama administration treated the immigrant children much worse by erecting fenced cages around these children, and actually handed over many immigrant children to child traffickers because they didn’t properly vet the traffickers and caused many children to be sold for sex and slave labor uses by the cartels. But not an opposing word was spoken at the time, about these potentially criminal Obama actions. Only Trump, and Trump alone, is called a bad guy and gets violent treatment from American leftists.

5) Liberals insist on visiting child immigrant detention centers along the southern border to determine the horrible, awful, no good, very bad conditions they expect to find under President Trump, but Obama’s people kept reporters and politicians away from such camps during the Obama administration, so we‘ll never know the full extent of the Obama era mistreatment of children.

6) Democrats fret about foreign children immigrating to America, but liberals in every Central American nation, and Mexico, advertise to the public stating how children can get to America (and then call for their families to follow once they’re here) and these ads provide information for anyone intending to immigrate illegally, detailing the correct things to say and the correct answers to give to the border patrol, which enables these anchor children and/or their parents to enter the US and be allowed to stay. Liberals never address the issue of who is responsible for the deaths and sexual mistreatment of children immigrating alone across the length of Mexico. Someone in that chain of liberal schemers should be put in jail for child endangerment. But only Donald Trump is blamed because he wants the invasion of America, and the resulting mistreatment of immigrant children by traffickers and cartels, to stop.

7) Liberals like to bemoan the danger of guns, but say nothing when a Bernie Sanders supporter shoots Republican congress members at a ballpark outside Washington. And they see no danger with liberal anti-Trump protesters shouting “Nazi” at Republicans, which only incites violence against the Republicans from good, solid, dedicated, Bernie Sanders supporters.

8) Democrats moaned and cried when President Trump met with Kim Jong-un and they accused our president of giving status to the North Korean leader with this face-to-face meeting. But Democrats swooned in adoration when President Obama schmoozed and laughed it up with Cuba’s Castro brothers while re-establishing economic relations with Cuba and supporting the murderous, totalitarian Castro regime. Liberals seem to like Communist dictators and love supporting their murderous ways.

9) Liberals in America have long supported the policy of fathers being forbidden to live with their families if the mother wanted to remain eligible for welfare support for their children. So how is this “forced separation of families” on welfare different from splitting up an immigrant family that has entered the nation illegally? This separation at the border has been found to be necessary in order to determine if the adults accompanying the children are really the parents of the children, or a trafficker delivering them here for sale. This contradictory and confounding illogical nonsense on the part of liberals is just who these fools are.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. WELL DONE, DAVE…To me it’s a strong indication that some ‘true’ Democratic hearts still exist. Perhaps their heatbeats will become strong enough to overcome their fears of independent thinking and stop following the bell on Pelosi’s neck.

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