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Microsoft Introduced the new Suface Hub 2 – Despite the stupid name, I want one .. or four

Microsoft announced its newest gadget last week and for the first time in … forever .. they’ve actually produced something original – the Surface Hub 2.

The first Surface Hub was little more than a giant touchscreen monitor with a built-in computer. It did what it was supposed to, but it wasn’t portable, and certainly didn’t change the game.

The Surface Hub 2 takes a different approach to media presentation – it’s basically a really big smartphone – and that’s cool.

It also scales by joining multiple Hubs together, can operate alone or by laptop/PC connection. An optional webcam allows for video/teleconferencing.

The features are going to appeal to the business sector at first, but I envision a consumer market.

One of these hanging on the wall could show videos of waterfalls, skylines or the latest family vacation when not in use, but, I would hope that if someone calls using a smartphone with a video calling app (Skype, Facetime, etc) I could direct my phone to throw the call to the Hub 2. And have a face to face at actual scale and other family members could join in on either side.

If Microsoft manages to totally remove the bezel in a future version, this could be the next big thing in home theater – a display you could cobble together to fill an entire wall with video.

The Hub 2 is expected to start shipping in 2019.

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Duncan Idaho

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