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The Left’s Self-Identity Scheme, Versus Mother Nature

A few years ago there was a TV commercial in which a butter-like spread was so similar to real butter that it even fooled mother nature. The mother nature character was so angry at this fake product that she brought down a storm on earth to punish the perpetrators of the false butter product. This was in line with liberal sentiment at the time, which insisted on all things related to food be “natural” and to taste and appear in line with real, natural food.

But now the left is in full force mode trying to fool mother nature with their self-identity idiocy in which a bearded, male, lumber jack can pretend to be a Thai ballet dancer in a Tutu, and they expect people to accept and take this foolishness seriously as being legitimate and real.

A similar event, this one involving race, occurred a couple of years ago when Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, told the world she was black and was given a job as an NAACP representative, at the expense of a real black woman who could have benefited by having the job. The Bradley Manning sex change thing is another example where a completely false identity change is supposed to be accepted and the personal pronoun used to identify him/her should change with the person’s whim.

All of this is, once again, an attempt to fool mother nature, but with sexual identity there is more than just personal whim at stake. Sex is a powerful aspect of life, and it has been made so by actual nature in order to assure reproduction of the species, whether human, dogs or cats. Only with a real, natural male, and a real, natural female, can the species be reproduced and continued into the future. Pretenders like Bradley Manning are of no consequence to nature and can be disregarded as an offense to the real, natural world with their self-identity.

And there is no room for a third sex, either, nor of same-sex persons pretending to be a mother and a father. This type of farce does not pass on genes from the pretend parents into the next generation and is a lie to the natural, no pretense, serious world we live in.

There was a time when leftists were the ones insisting on an adherence to things “natural” and “real“, but now the left has gone completely insane and expects acceptance by the American public of their scheme-of-the-day drift to absolute unnatural stupidity and artificial, unnatural sexual, racial and who knows what’s next, identities.

Humans, especially liberal progressives, consider themselves to be very clever, but things of nature, like storms or sexual reproduction are beyond their ability to influence or change. Only a higher order of being can impact these real things of nature.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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