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Scott Adams: Democrats on the verge of losing African-American votes

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of the nonfiction book Win Bigly, took to Twitter Tuesday to state “Democrats are on the verge of losing African-American votes, and that would be game-over for the party.”

Adams went onto further state in that same tweet, “You can see the panic in their fake news attacks on me. But especially watch how they IGNORE Kayne West’S IDEAS in favor of attacking PERSONALITIES.”

This is a quite interesting statement from Adams. Adams was spot on when calling out the public preference to attack personality rather than ideas. Just take a look at an article published at with the headline “Fears for Kayne’s health emerge after Scooter Braun’s firing. Adams quickly pointed to this as the attempted assassination of character. Adams stated “Character assassination, right on schedule” tweeting out a link to the article.

Look no further than the personal attacks Adams has faced simply for interpreting Kayne’s tweet the way he did.

Business Insider published an article Wednesday calling out the alt-right Adams, “Meet the alt-right ‘Dilbert’ creator who’s behind Kanye West’s renewed enthusiasm for Trump” 

One very interesting aspect of this article is that it acknowledges Adams identifies himself “to be politically left of Sen. Bernie Sanders, a progressive” yet still went ahead with the title labeling Adams as an alt-right member.

Why does this matter?

This all boils down to a simple concept that is that deeply disturbing. When you move away from leftist thinking, or even just bother to ask a question, you get attacked.  These attacks aren’t over your ideas, they are personal attacks against you. If you don’t agree with them they won’t attack your mindset, no, they will attack you personally. Free thinking, what’s that? Well apparently, for those on the left, it doesn’t exist. 

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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