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How to Terminate Ideological Tenured Professors

By now everyone who is up to speed on current events knows that Randa Jarrar, a “professor” at California State University at Fresno, took to Twitter after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, to lambaste her memory. This cretin then bragged she couldn’t be fired because she was “tenured.”

Jarrar tweeted: “I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeee.” She then called anyone who criticized her for disparaging someone who is recently deceased – whether one agrees politically or ideologically or not wit them – “racists going crazy in my mentions.” She claimed she was being attacked because she was “An Arab American Muslim American woman with some clout.”

I won’t even comment on the over “hyphenization” (to create a word) of her ethnicity.

Jarrar’s claim that she can’t be fired because she is tenured is about as ignorant as her smear against the now deceased First Lady. Tenured professors can be terminated.

Gregory Scholtz, the director of the Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure & Governance of the American Association of University Professors (a more Left-leaning organization), insists that the idea that a tenured professor cannot be terminated is an absolute misconception, saying a university can seek a termination if a professor’s words – even if outside the classroom or university setting – raises “grave doubts” about fitness for the position.

Jarrar is a “creative writing professor” who is currently on leave.

The idea of tenure in a higher education system where ideology is being infused into students like plasma into an accident victim needs to be reexamined. Educators have transformed into foot-soldiers for the ideological Left (the Progressive Movement) and have expanded their authority over students from facilitating critical thinking skills to enforcing political and ideological thought processes. This is not teaching a student how to think, it is teaching a student what to think. This is not facilitating tools for a student’s life success, it is the creation of ideologues who would be used to change the very definition of freedom in our country and around the world.

Sadly, this mindset is prevalent in the education system from top to bottom. A quick read of Fabian Freeway will spotlight how Fabian Progressives planned to dominate the education and information (read: media) systems in the United States to transform it from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Democracy run by oligarchs. It is an important book and a quick read, and if you haven’t read it you are doing yourself – and our country – a great disservice.

If our country is to survive then we need to seriously examine our education system, both to purge ideology and return to fomenting critical thinking skills, and to restructure how we educate, moving from a grade-based system to a modular system that allows students to learn at their own pace without asking the teachers to do the impossible by diversifying curriculum to each child.

The Progressive Left will hate this.

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Frank Salvato

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