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America’s Left Learns Divisive Lessons From Terrorist Palestinian Leader

Anyone of a certain age will recall that during the Clinton administration, Yasser Afarat, the Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declined a peace agreement with Israel, even though the agreement included every article that Arafat had demanded it to have.

The reason that Arafat became rich and powerful, while his Palestine subjects lived miserable lives, was by keeping the Palestinians angry, agitated and in constant battle with Israel, and if the Clinton peace agreement became a reality, Arafat would be out of a job, and probably lose his life, and then someone else in the Palestinian leadership would be getting rich by stirring up the crowds, committing terrorist acts against Israel and insisting on Israel’s death. That’s what despots, and Democrats, do: they keep things riled up.

We see the same thing happening today in America with the leftist Democrat party proclaiming white racism, white supremacy, white prejudice and Christian prejudice, because the left is losing political power and a peaceful, non-divided America would end the radical leftist rule of the Democrat party.

The more resentful minorities become of whites and of Republicans, the more they’ll vote for Democrat candidates promising to lift them to their rightful place in a wealthy society. Of course, lost in the Democrat promises is the fact that for the last 50 years Democrats have promised this same social success, but their dependant voters got only poverty and dangerous neighborhoods in return for their votes. But the renewed promise of goodies on the horizon is just too good for the dependant class to pass up.

So, at risk of blacks and other minorities finally realizing that Democrats have only dangled vacant promises of an improvement of their lives in order to get their votes, now the Democrats are turning their backs on the existing Americans in poverty and are directing their attention to Mexico and Central America to find new dependent people to vote for them. To this end, Democrats are encouraging and organizing for illegal aliens to massively invade our southern border and take up residency in the various sanctuary cities around the nation. All Democrats understand is power and control, and this is the next attempt by them to get a permanent majority to keep Democrats in office and in control.

The Democrat plots for masses of additional people to come here illegally explains the annual march across Mexico of poor people trying to get to and cross our borders illegally, and causing enormous suffering for the marchers as they go north.

So Democrats are going to push the “privilege” dialogue in an attempt to keep blacks in the fold, while trying to get the newly arrived immigrants in line to vote as soon as possible, and then keep these poor, uneducated, Spanish-speaking and unemployed masses dependent on them for low-standard housing and passed-over food. It’s disgusting, but it’s what terrorists and Democrats do in order to remain in power.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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