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The “You Didn’t Build That” Aspect Of Illegal Immigration

Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren were famous for their idiotic statement of “you didn’t build that” in their leftist attempt to deny American hard work, ingenuity and risk-taking any credit for the wealth, liberty and comfort of our lives. These loyal, big-state leftists were attempting to credit big, intrusive government for all of the success that the nation of America has experienced since the beginning of the industrial revolution. But the truth is that government can only take and confiscate the wealth earned by the citizens via taxation and ruinous regulations. It has no way to create wealth, and under Democrat administrations it has no desire to do so.

What Obama and Pocahontas were blowing off about is that our governments uses the ingenuity and hard work of free Americans and then, using money derived from taxation, they hire the gas lines, power lines, telephone lines, sewer lines and build roads into expanding parts of towns where citizens live and work, and then credit government for all of the hard work and expenditure of the taxed money, which should actually be attributed to American citizens and corporations. Liberals are always seeking a way to make citizens feel like they are prospering on the backs of people less fortunate than themselves, thereby building up resentment among those who have less wealth and fewer things, and this is just the latest twist on the liberal insistence that you should feel guilty for your comfort and liberty because you didn‘t earn it, work for it or pay for it: liberals want you to think that the government is to thank for your nice, pleasant life.

So this takes us to the liberal idea of illegal aliens having the right to live in America and become voting citizens, because of all of the poverty and hunger of the hellholes they are coming from, much of which poverty and hunger, according to Democrats, was caused by the colonial theft from their impoverished nations by America, which therefore caused those nations to remain impoverished for centuries. The Democrat proposal for America to redeem itself is to give citizenship to the illegal aliens infecting American cities, give them healthcare, welfare, schools, allow them to vote, but most of all, give them “sanctuary” from Donald Trump and his racist desire to kick them out of the country, break up families and keep them poor. But the Democrat lie about being concerned for the benefit of immigrants was made visible for all to see when President Trump proposed that we let 1.6 million DACA subjects remain to reside in the United States in exchange for the promised wall to be built along our southern border, and the Democrats rejected this proposal, which served the best interests of their DACA constituents and denied this simple, effective compromise with the President.

The attempt by Democrats to make Americans feel guilty about their pleasant lives is, of course, a misrepresentation of the truth. It’s not as though Americans have always lived in comfort. Our current level of comfortable living comes from past generations of Americans who worked long, hard hours in fields and factories, and many current citizens continue to do the same hard work today. This effort and its dedication to serving future generations is why America has achieved the most pleasant living standard in the world.

Greg Gutfeld, a co-host on the Fox program, The Five, has often complained about the way these invading immigrant forces coming across our border are enjoying life on the backs of working, saving and investing Americans, and if the influx continues, all people residing in America will see their standard of living reduced as the burden on those still working is increased to the breaking point by the demands of those happily accepting welfare in this land of alleged milk and honey. But the gravy train can’t last forever, and the goodies are not free: someone has to pay for them. However, Democrats tell their new subjects, both immigrants and young American students, that the selfishness of Americans will have to end and that the good life for all immigrants is just a vote away, as long as the vote is for a Democrat candidate.

The truth is that the people being mistreated here are the working, tax paying citizens of this nation, and if the trend continues, as the liberals hope it will, America will begin to look like one of the hellholes from which the current influx of immigrants is escaping. In fact areas of California are already beginning to look like a third-world nation, with tons of human waste being scooped from hobo camps and thousand of drug needles being disposed of, in the middle of one of the formerly most beautiful parts of the world.

But they’re Democrats, and that’s what they do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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